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Performers Of The Month - January Winner: Outstanding Actress - Alycia Debnam-Carey

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Outstanding performances aren’t defined by quantity of screen time but instead by quality. Alycia Debnam-Carey became our first ever winner in the Actress category after only appearing in the January 28th episode of The 100, entitled Wanheda Pt. 2, for a total of 2 minutes but in those brief moments she delivered an outstanding performance that caught the attention of fans. Her single January scene was the reunion between Lexa and Clarke after months apart in the wake of Lexa’s betrayal at the end of Season 2. As was expected that initial reunion did not go smoothly and it resulted in both Debnam-Carey and her scene partner, Eliza Taylor, being allowed to explore the anger that Clarke felt towards Lexa and Lexa’s lingering feelings for Clarke. It was an emotionally driven scene and the tension was palpable.

For this scene to work Debnam-Carey had to be able to convey Lexa’s anxiety about the reunion while exuding control over the situation to her subordinates in the room. Clarke is someone Lexa will always care about and I believe that the decision she made at the end of Season 2 pained her but as far as she was concerned it was the only way to save her people. While I don’t believe she ever had any intention of removing Roan’s banishment she was even less inclined to do so after she saw the condition he brought Clarke to her in. She did betray Clarke but no mercy will be had for anyone else who brings pain or harm onto her. Is it a bit hypocritical? Sure it is, but that’s what makes Lexa and Debnam-Carey’s portrayal of her so fascinating. Even while separated Clarke still left an impression on Lexa and the little twinkle in Lexa’s eyes upon their reunion said that Clarke had never wandered far from her thoughts. Lexa is hesitant to love and even though she fought hard to resist Clarke when they shared their first kiss Lexa left a small part of her heart when that kiss ended.

Debnam-Carey didn’t have much to do in the month of January but this scene was a good example of her control of this character. On the outside Lexa is an unforgiving yet fair leader who has taken her people through some very tumultuous times. On the inside she is just like everyone else in her desire to love and be loved. She was chosen to hold the mantel of Heda and even though that can sometimes be a lonely position to hold it is one she takes great pride in. Prior to meeting Clarke being Heda was the sole thing that defined her. After meeting Clarke she began to see a different way and slowly, one adventure at a time, Clarke wove her way through the chinks in Lexa’s armor and began to show the Commander there are other ways of living. Lexa learned that there was a place for love during war and even though the first round ended badly and the second round didn’t start off smoothly I believe these two have such a connection that they won’t be able to deny their feelings for long. A character like this required an actress who could cover the range required and still be able to exude the persona of a powerful and battle hardened leader.

Debnam-Carey was relatively unknown to everyone when she stepped into the role of Lexa but she quickly, and rightfully so, earned a place in the hearts of fans. When an actress only stands on screen for a total of two minutes in a month yet still garners the attention of fans it is an indication of the power behind that performer’s ability. When she stands in full Grounder regalia and stands looming over someone people perk up and pay attention. She commands the screen from the moment she steps into a scene until the second she exits. It is one thing for a performer to recite dialogue but a whole other thing for them to do it so adeptly that you are pulled into the scene with them. This is a quality both of the January Performers of the Month possess and why they both stood out amongst many truly outstanding performances in January.

Alycia Debnam-Carey was your fan pick as the most Outstanding Actress Of January 2016. Hit the comments below to tell others why you think she earned this title and what you most enjoyed about her January performances.

PLEASE READ: This is an article to recognize Alycia’s work and to honor her performance in January on The 100. Shipper related bashing will not be tolerated in the comments even from Alycia fans. Honor the performer and her performance. Have fun and be kind to one another.

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