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Outsiders - Demolition - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

The title of this week’s episode couldn’t be any more apt. Not only does Big Foster and Asa’s drinking game lead them into a wrecking contest with the coal company’s vehicles, but the “war” between One Planet Resources and the Farrell’s steps up considerably. It’s inevitable that someone is going to be taken out of the running before too long, I’m not sure that everyone has the balls to see this fight through to the end.

That’s not a phrase one could accuse Haylie Grimes of however. She has her eye firmly on clearing that mountain and first up on her agenda is to get the new Sheriff on side by ambushing him before he’s even had time to settle into his new office. Of course, she has a dirty trick up her sleeve after having done her homework on him last week, although only time will tell if her plan is successful. In the meantime, her hands will be full dealing with the expensive mess that Foster and Asa have left her after their aforementioned joyride and her employee’s various dilemmas.

Wade continues to be a conundrum; as a viewer, he is a wonderfully compelling character even though as a person he is turning out to be an appalling human being at times. His life has been a puzzle from the start, and even with the information that we now know there still seems to be many secrets that surround him. With his new job he is going to find that there come big responsibilities, ones which shouldn’t impact on his life at home with Caleb if he would be a responsible father. Be as that may, I’m sure you all know that the inevitable will happen, and it will kick-start even more questions about the history this dysfunctional family.

His sister, Ledda, appears to be far better well-adjusted despite the similar upbringing and complications in her marriage. (As an aside, I’m finding it difficult to chastise her for the flirting with Asa last week. I loved hearing how she described the mountain; she sounds as though she would fit right in up there if things were different.) Her husband also starts his new position as the Community Liaison Manager, he has a desk and a computer to go with his new truck, but there’s not a great deal more to his job than that. Haylie will have her plans for him, no doubt, but for now, he is more or less happy to be taking home a paycheck.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m generally not big on the romance side of things, but young Hasil and Sally-Ann’s budding courtship has so far won me over. As much as I like the fact that their relationship has not been rushed, I have missed their interaction of late, so I’m pleased that Hasil makes moves this week to apologise for messing up their date. If you’ve seen the promo you’ll know that they certainly don’t hold back once they’ve sorted any misunderstandings out, yet as Shakespeare so eloquently stated, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” I fear that the couple will have a few more bumps along the road ahead of them before the season it over, or indeed this episode!

Demolition airs February 23 at 9/8C on WGN, below are a few dialogue teasers. There's no poll after the episode, but please do come back to this post after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“Please, come on, come on. Where are you? CALEB! CALEB! SHIT!”

“I knew you’d screw this up. I shoulda done this myself”

“Well, why you think she wants to marry up now? All years you share her bed, all times you ask, and she said no. What changed?”

“Nessa, Nessa! Aghh, somebody help me! Nessa! Aghh! Help! Help!”

“You know bears, they’re strong, they’re fierce. Just like my caring for ya”

“This ‘breeze’ is about to kick some coal miners ass. Come on. Come on, get up you big drunk lump, you gonna come and help me?”

“These people shit outdoors, you really think they’d be able to operate that thing without a controller”

“I may be close to the grave but I’m still a woman. I can see love for a man in the face of another of my gender”

“You could have just said that with so much less words, couldn’t you? I mean like, here’s a basket of shit, now do what I tell ya”

“And then you returned, and our bodies came together again wasn’t that great”

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