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New Girl - Episode 5.5 - Review: "Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt"

New Girl - Episode 5.5 - Review: "Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt"

In this episode of New Girl, Nick is concerned about the state of his affairs when his brother Bob (guest star Bill Burr) and his wife Carol visit while Winston tags along with Cece to her wedding fitting appointment. Tonight's episode was directed by Jake Johnson and I have to say it had the perfect amount of balance between witty character banter, comedy, and drama. The wedding montage with Winston was hilarious. The main problem arc of the episode revolves around Bob and Carol not wanting to mooch off of Nick's monetary funds, but his sperm. Schmidt tries to keep Nick on track, going as far as creating a Nick Miller life plan. This side of the story definitely carried some weight to it, but it was treated with care.

Based on the life plan, Nick was supposed to have a baby with a small Italian woman named Maria. The whole conversation with Schmidt was fantastic. Nick's rationale for wanting to do this for his brother was great. He felt like that was the right thing to do as well as looked forward to all the interactions with his future nephew/son, I'm not even sure how you would clarify that type of situation, but it was sweet. However, things took a strange turn when Bob asked Nick to sleep with Carol..."Santa Claus coming down the chimney, gifts and all." Meanwhile, Cece and Winston realized they drank a little too much and picked a horrible wedding dress. Classic Winnie-the-Bish, right?!

"I lost a glass of milk." "Lost a glass of milk?! Was it full?" The awkward conversation with the foursome was indeed awkward. At the same time, Winston tries to throw his weight around as a cop trying to return Cece's "Hunger Games" dress. In the end, he couldn't work his magic, but Cece asked Winston to be a bridesmaid. Winnie-the-Bish is putting Cece "under arrest for taking his breath away." Nick's hyperventilating was hilarious, Schmidt, Bob, and Carol pressuring Nick to perform was inevitably going to freak him out. I'm glad they didn't take that story line down a darker path with Nick actually doing the deed. New Girl can get crazy sometimes, but I think that would have been way past even Season three's darkness. Overall, a pretty good episode. Jake Johnson's directorial debut hit all the right notes with the cast. Next week is the start of Megan Fox's arc and color me surprised, the episode worked again without Zooey Deschanel. Here's to hoping that the addition of Megan Fox keeps the momentum going into the middle of the season. Comment below with your thoughts on the episode and tune into New Girl Tuesday's at 8/7 central.

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