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MOVIES: Outlaws and Angels - Chad Michael Murray & Francesca Eastwood Interviews - Sundance 2016

Chad Michael Murray and Francesca Eastwood star in “Outlaws and Angels,” described as a Western thriller. When a gang of cold-blooded outlaws narrowly escapes a blood-soaked bank robbery, they need a place to hide before night falls. Fate brings them to the home of a seemingly innocent frontier family with two feisty daughters. As the men settle in, an impetuous game of cat and mouse ensues, leading to seduction, role reversal and, ultimately, bloody revenge. By morning, nothing will ever be the same.

The film is writer/director JT Mollner’s first feature. He shot the movie on 35mm film, giving it a grainy look reminiscent of the European westerns of decades past. But he also wanted it to be a modern take on the genre, revealing gritty, depraved, brutal truths of the American West. Mollner told SpoilerTV it took him three years to make the film after writing the script because the risky content initially made it difficult to woo actors. But Chad Michael Murray’s interest and attachment to the film (as the forceful and charismatic antihero) helped secure a memorable cast, including Eastwood, Teri Polo and Luke Wilson. Mollner said over time, his frustrations with getting the film made filtered into the script, translating into a more violent movie than he’d originally intended.

“Outlaws and Angels” marks the first leading feature role for Francesca Eastwood. The daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher says her parents gave her lots of acting advice. Fisher also appears in the film, though she and her daughter don’t share scenes together. Continuing the family theme, Mollner’s father plays a sheriff in the movie.

Momentum Pictures acquired distribution rights to “Outlaws and Angels” in November. They have not yet announced a movie release date.

SpoilerTV’s Tonya Papanikolas was excited to attend the film’s press line at the Sundance premiere, interviewing stars Chad Michael Murray and Francesca Eastwood, director JT Mollner and numerous other members of the cast (including Ben Browder, Madisen Beaty and Frances Fisher). Check out her interviews below. When you do, you’ll find out why Mollner originally thought Murray wasn’t right for the part – and what advice Mollner gave to his actor father on set. (Murray also tells us about his role in “Agent Carter,” what it’s like working for Marvel and what’s ahead this season for his character, Jack Thompson.)

*Interviews filmed by videographer Ashley Benson.


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