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MacGyver - Character Descriptions

Note: As with all pilot shows, information is subject to change. It is accurate at the time of posting.

Angus MacGyver - 25 years old. A resourceful yet troubled young man. He joined the army and eventually became a bomb tech to make money to pay off his degree, however he was captured by the Mazari. After being saved he was deemed an American Hero, but found a lot of his memories blacked out. Including how he was captured and what happened to the other prisoners. As he tries to return to normal life, he begins to see the Mazari everywhere...but no one will believe him.

Lincoln - A 55 year old war vet who doesn't miss a thing. He believes that the Mazari really are on American soil. His sister leads a group, an unofficial department of Homeland Security that investigates these conspiracies that no one believes in and stops them before the public finds out. Was in the army with MacGyver's father and tried multiple times to rescue him from the Mazari without success.

Mickey - 25 years old, MacGyver's high school sweetheart. Very pretty and smart. Dating Gunner. Assists Macgyver with readjusting to civilian life.

Gunner - 25 years old, MacGyver's best friend from high school. Dating Mickey. While Macgyver was captured he pretty much took over his former life. Works as handy man and dreamed of becoming an American Hero.

Zwickey & O'Neill - Prisoners MacGyver met while captured by the Mazari. They have yet to be rescued, a fact which still haunts MacGyver.