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Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 1.07 - Marooned - Sneak Peeks, Promos, Preview, Interview & Promotional Photos *Updated*

Sneak Peek 2
Thanks to bbussey for the heads up.

Sneak Peek
Thanks to bbussey for the heads up.

Inside the Episode

Extended Promo

Promo & Post Mortem

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Has everything that Connor Hawke has done been driven by losing his dad?
JOSEPH DAVID-JONES: It is. The reason he doesn’t take Diggle as his name — his name is John Diggle Jr. — is because he feels regret about not being strong enough to save his father. He doesn’t even deserve to have his father’s name, because he was too weak to protect him or help him during this Uprising. He takes the name Connor Hawke until he can live up to his father’s name and become strong enough to defend the city and be the hero that the Green Arrow was.

Did he have any kind of relationship with Diggle before his death?
Yeah, up until the death. It doesn’t come up in the episode at what point in time he was killed, but the writers told me he grew up with his father — he loves his father. His father was taken when he was a teenager. Connor was definitely there and able to remember his father and all the values his father taught him.

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