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Grey's Anatomy - All I Want Is You - Review

Sometimes they get it so right and at the same time get it so annoyingly wrong. “All I Want is You”, written by Elisabeth R Finch and directed by Kevin Sullivan returned us to a more usual ensemble format, weaving in and out of characters and relationships and teasing the beginnings of new stories. Although it had that rather pedestrian feeling of a filler episode it wasn’t. Characters moved forward albeit tentatively and without too much drama. I enjoyed it immensely however because of one important element - Alex. Alex is becoming the one to watch and if it wasn’t for the complete failure to provide him with a proper relationship he could very easily carry the show. He was epic and his character development since Cristina left, since Arizona moved to the tumble weed of fetal surgery and since Derek was hit by a semi is pure television joy.

I’ve missed the complex nuances of moving Alex forward, the quiet progression…maybe I missed the way he’s quietly gone about being a rock in the show? I see it now. Alex is the good thing to come of Cristina leaving. Of Derek dying. Maybe ultimately he’s destined for Meredith and just maybe her shrink’s assumptions were foreshadowing. I don’t believe that relationship is where his strengths lie for the show. His ‘watchability’ is the work he does as a doctor, with the patient, and it never fails. All I Want is You is a wonderful example of that.

And then, epic as that was, we crash to the earth the moment Jo walks in the room. I felt more passion and depth of emotion when Penny shouted at Jackson last week or when she jumped Callie in the big ‘make up’ make out. I felt more angst and rage when Riggs was throwing darts or beautifully synchronising with Owen. These two characters are new, yet produce more screen energy than Jo has for the entirety of her presence in the show. This has a lot to do with casting as I’ve mentioned before, but also much to do with development. Riggs came in with an immediate recent back story with April and some powerful angry chemistry with Owen. We still don’t know the whole story and yes, some of it we need to be told, but we get the emotion from it through how the characters deliver the story. Nothing about Jo’s energy tells me about her history. Penny is introduced as ‘the person who killed the much beloved Derek’ - an antagonist for Meredith. She’s an antagonist through her deeds though, we see it. Her relationship with Callie may well turn out to be just a device or a great love, but either is believable, and for the moment the most important aspect of that particular story arc is that Callie is happy.

So dear writers, show me the real Jo. Give Alex the relationship he deserves rather than a whiney one dimensional irrelevance.

All I Want is You featured the ensemble cast weaving in and out of Meredith’s therapy. Sitting on the shrink’s couch Meredith assumes she’s there as a box ticking exercise, when in fact it’s an exploration of her need to move on, forward, beyond widowhood. While I think it’s a shame that it’s an assault in the ER that’s pushed her to therapy rather than the death of her husband we realise that at some point Meredith needs to be okay being herself, being alone, being on her own and being with others. She needs to be okay just being her, whoever ‘her’ is. I'm sorry to say that I was rather bored with Meredith on the couch. With two episodes of her yet to pick up a scalpel, I hope from now we get to see her back in action, where the best of the show plays out - in the O.R or in an on-call room with a hotty doctor...I'm not fussed.

What of the rest?
Maggie and Andrew are all kinds of gorgeous and I’m looking forward to papa bear protecting his young.
After more angst ridden testosterone laden chest beating between Owen and Nathan we finally see Amelia standing tall and strong. For the first time I enjoyed one of her speeches as she exhibits even more self awareness and humility.
Bailey as chief gets even more chief-lier as the weeks go on. She was made for the role.
April and Jackson’s broken marriage continues to fester below the water mark, waiting to be explored. My money is on a permanent split - though I wouldn’t take that bet if I were you, I’m not good at predictions for this show.
Cross is turning into the new Brooks and I hope very much his character gets more material to work with.

Which leaves me with these burning questions…

Will Stephanie make a play for Ben?
Where is Arizona? Seriously, is Capshaw getting paid for this stuff?
Can the shrink stay? He was fun.

Okay, not really burning questions. A better one would be who of you will put money on Meredith and Alex sittin' in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g?

About the Author - Brouhaha
Maxine (aka Brouhaha) is a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and writes episode reviews and occasional articles. Her other TV favourites include Foyle's War, Criminal Minds, Bones, TBBT and Broadchurch. She's just binge-watched Catastrophe and loves it! In real life she's a mum, self-employed and can often be found arguing about politics or current affairs, attempting to write fiction and buying hair products. Got a question - go to Tumblr ask!
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