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Chicago Fire - Bad For The Soul - Review

This episode was unexpectedly one of my favorites this season which is saying something, because it’s been a stellar year. The best part of the episode? The Chili drama is done. Finally. Into the episode…

Squad 3 is called to Firehouse 21 for a firefighter, McCormick, hurt in a suspicious situation. Squad 3 is told he fell from a ladder in a drill, but Cruz isn’t so sure. The matter isn’t helped any when Cruz and Severide are told McCormick’s girlfriend is the ex-wife of fellow firefighter Richter, who was on the roof when McCormick fell.

Severide stops by 21 later to confront Richter, and it doesn’t go well. It turns house against house, and even 21’s chief gets involved. Is it just me or does it seem like Boden is the only respectable, likable, trustworthy chief in Chicago? Boden backs up Severide, naturally, and a formal report is filed.

At the hospital, Severide talks with Richter again, who is suspended (as it’s believed Richter pushed McCormick). Richter comes clean and tells Severide he was on the ladder when McCormick fell, claiming McCormick lost his balance. They meet with Chicago Med’s Dr. Connor Rhodes and share McCormick’s odd symptoms before he fell. Severide recalls Mills’ odd behavior and similar symptoms due to ear damage.

I’m glad Richter wasn’t a scumbag. I love that Mills was a tie-in, not just in this storyline but in Jimmy’s as well. I still miss him terribly and will continue to hold out hope for seeing him again!


We don’t see much of Capp, but when we do, it’s nutty and I love it. First it was the karaoke singing (which I am dying to see more of), then his terrible reason for not signing up for the Battle of the Badges, and now this.
“Is that a coloring book?” asks Severide.
“A coloring book for adults. It’s a thing.”
Yes it is, Capp. I’ve been meaning to get one for myself! In the little moments we’ve seen Capp featured, he’s proven to be a solid character. I know it’s a large cast already and spreading the wealth of screen time is difficult, but I think it would be worthwhile to feature Capp a bit more.

Casey is in full swing with this Alderman run. At a small gathering for his campaign, Casey meets Danny Booker. Danny gets a gathering of “community leaders” together to meet with Casey, but the “community leaders” end up being former gang members. At first they seem reformed and Casey gives them a chance, but then the questionable requests start coming out. Casey immediately backs out, saying he’s not their guy. It all ends amicably, but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of this group.

Rich Corbin, a wealthy, well-connected man also seeks out Casey. Though he gets him started with funding for the campaign and promises to help Casey get where he wants to go, it comes with strings. Casey’s not interested and doesn’t hesitate telling Corbin so, which will only make Casey’s already uphill battle more difficult.

Casey’s moral compass continues to be a huge factor in this campaign. How far is it going to go? He’s been strong so far, never doubting himself. But might we see Casey make questionable decisions in the name of the greater good?

Because of a closing firehouse, firefighters need to be relocated. Lowly candidates are subject to move, and Boden is informed that Jimmy will be moved out of 51 to make room for another firefighter. NO!!!! Okay honestly, I wasn’t too worried. They made Steven R. McQueen a series regular and we just lost Chili last week; I doubt the writers would let go of two regulars back to back. But still, Jimmy is for the time being losing his spot on truck.

Major personnel changes are apparently in store all around for House 51. Rodney Ogle takes Chili’s place on Ambo and he’s a downer. He’s at least comically depressing (which is oxymoronic, I know), but that can only last so long before it turns into full-blown annoyance. Sylvie isn’t a fan of Ogle’s and between Chili leaving, being stuck with Ogle, and Jimmy’s imminent departure, she’s not having the best shift. At her breaking point, Sylvie explodes at Jimmy, revealing feelings I suspected might be there.
“I’ve had a huge thing for you, since you showed up at 51. And who knows what would have happened if you’d have stayed. Who knows?”
“I’m flattered.”
“Yeah, you should be.”
Get it, Sylvie! Through all the Chili drama, there was an underlying connection between Sylvie and Jimmy, and I’m not against it. I’m definitely still all aboard the Severide/Sylvie ship, but I can’t deny the chemistry Sylvie and Jimmy have. Now, we know Jimmy’s not going anywhere (series regular, remember) and with this revelation, I’d say he’s not leaving 51 anytime soon.

Well, what do you know? Jimmy meets with Boden, who suggests he take Chili’s place on Ambo, as he is a certified paramedic. He even references Mills, which made me so happy (I miss him dearly…can we see him soon please?).
“We had a young firefighter who suffered an injury while on the job, couldn’t get cleared for squad duty but he was a qualified paramedic. As are you.”
Jimmy jumps at the opportunity, willing to further his career in the CFD any way possible. I was squealing like an eight-year-old girl during this scene because of course, he’s now partners with Sylvie! She tries to take back everything she said, chalking it up to working with Ogle. Jimmy says he’ll forget it ever happened, but that’s obviously not happening.

I’ve talked before about my love for Mills (and how much I miss him). And while he did mature into an incredible guy and became one of my favorites (still is), he didn’t start out that way. Jimmy, on the other hand, is unbelievably mature. He handles the job shift with more tact than I ever expected. In fact, he handles it better than the rest of the house!

Truck 81 is united against the new guy in the name of Jimmy until Stella Kidd, the new girl, walks in. Her and Dawson have a history and seem to be good friends. They have great chemistry and though it’s only been one episode, there’s definitely potential for Kidd to become a permanent fixture at 51. She’s tough and gutsy and actually reminds me of Shay. So it’s no surprise that she has some sort of history with Severide. I’m sure that storyline isn’t going anywhere either.

What did you think of the episode? How long will Jimmy be on Ambo? How do you feel about a Jimmy/Sylvie relationship? Should Kidd stick around? Share your thoughts below!

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