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Black Sails - XXII - Advance Preview

Black Sails continues this upcoming Saturday with yet another solid outing in what is turning into a consistently good season with the quality at its highest point.

The last episode ended with Hornigold offering the pirates of Nassau a way out, a pardon, those except Vane of course. This episode focuses heavily on that and particularly highlights the strong hate Eleanor has for Vane because of what he did to her, most notably the death of her father. Eleanor's continues victories in terms of progress with subduing Nassau are elevating her into a position of power among the English.

Rodgers is starting to rely on her counsel more and more and this is a great feat for her. She started the season in a cell and now she's looking like she could be a real striving force in Nassau once more. Rodgers does not trust her completely, though, and this episode you will see her honesty come into question once more.

Jack masterminded a brilliant plan last episode, but since that plan was undermined by the English, he has no choice but to seek other alternatives. Jack is a strong minded individual and we have seen him come out on top of many difficult situations but this episode he faces perhaps his hardest challenge yet. He must make a decision that will not only demonstrate his courage but put his own friendship with another on the line. What will one do when their own survival comes into play?

Elsewhere, last we saw of Flint and his crew they were seeking refuge on an unknown island in the middle of nowhere. Abandoned, worn out and with limited supplies, the question truly remains, can they unite together as one and make it back to Nassau or will they be lost on the edges of the world forever?

Also, Mr Scott returns and continues to play a key role in the re-development of Nassau. He is a loyal and respected figure in Nassau so people listen to him and that's important to someone like Hornigold who is trying to gather all the pirates together and unite them into a civilized manner on behalf of Rodgers. Mr Scott does choose a side and will have a key role in what's to come.

A lot more happens, but that's all I'm going to give you as I don't watch to spoil anything, but below are a few dialogue teasers for you all!

"I've made something of myself here"

"It keeps his mind off the fact that there might not be a better plan"

"We were so close to accomplishing something that would've written our names into history"

"I wonder if the pardons are the victory and that the most enlightened thing that I can do is sit still and accept what appears to be inevitable"

"In this moment, I think it's fair to say that I wouldn't trade you for any ten of them"

As always, thank you for reading. Don't forget to tune in this Saturday for the fourth episode of Black Sails!

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