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Baby Daddy - Love and Carriage (Season Premiere) - Review

The moment is finally here - after four seasons, the Danny and Riley era has officially begun! Baby Daddy returned last night with its fifth season premiere, which picked up right where we left off with the aftermath of Danny’s impromptu proposal at Bonny and Brad’s wedding.

I’ve known for a while that they were going to have Riley faint and forget Danny’s proposal and I was really not excited about it. However, after seeing how everything turned out, I’m surprisingly happy with the direction the writers took their story. When Riley asks Danny about what happened after he kissed her, he decides to omit the fact that he asked her to marry him. After a four week time jump, we find out that Riley has been feeling extremely guilty because she faked everything after feeling too overwhelmed. She actually does remember the proposal and is desperately trying to avoid any romantic moment that could lead to another one from Danny. Riley and Ben end up having a nice conversation where he gives her advice about her situation. Although I thought this scene was really sweet, and I love that they can still be friends after everything, part of me wishes that they wouldn’t brush over the awkwardness and emotions that come with her leaving him for his brother. So far I feel like we’ve only seen Ben make some awkward jokes about it, which seems like it’s the way he copes, but hopefully sometime soon we can get a really honest conversation between them…and then get back to the hilarious moments that we love of course!

After being rejected by Riley and seeing how happy Danny is with her, Ben decides that he needs to find his own Riley and finally get serious about his love life. Almost immediately, he meets Zoey, a new woman in the building. In a rare moment of maturity, when he asks her out he tells her upfront about Emma and how he feels about her. After Zoey agrees to go out with him and he leaves, we see that she’s very pregnant and I actually kind of love this. Part of me hopes that Zoey is “The One” for Ben, or at least that she sticks around for a while. When Ben finds out about her pregnancy, he does not react well. Luckily, during his conversation with Riley, he realizes his mistake and ends up taking Zoey out to Central Park for an ice-cream date. On their way back home she goes into labor and after interrupting a romantic date between Danny and Riley, she delivers her baby on a runaway horse and carriage…only on Baby Daddy! I really loved that Ben was the one to deliver the baby. He never really experienced that drama with Emma and it was equally cute and funny to see his reactions to everything.

While all of this was going on, Bonnie was trying to pull off a secret wedding for her and Brad. After multiple failed attempts to tie the knot, Bonnie decides that it’s best to not include Danny or Ben in the ceremony. She recruits Tucker to officiate and they attempt to get married in Central Park. Obviously, it wouldn’t be Bonnie and Brad if things worked out according to plan, and just as they’re about to say “I do”, Danny comes crashing in with news of the runaway horse carriage and Zoey going into labor. Bonnie talks Ben through the delivery and once again her wedding is ruined. However, by the end of the episode we see Bonnie and Brad get married in the apartment elevator and Reba is randomly there, reprising her role as Bonnie’s BFF, Charlotte. Well, I’m happy they’re finally married and we can (hopefully) put this drawn out storyline to rest. Another thing I just need to add - Tucker seriously did not get enough screen time! I understand he’s not one of the big, big characters but he’s one of the core ones! I want more Tucker - he’s too hilarious to be so underused.

Finally, after all the lies and omissions that Danny and Riley’s relationship has started with, they ended the episode on a good note. After Riley confessed that she remembered Danny’s original proposal but she just wasn’t ready, Danny proposed that they get married “someday”. I am so in love with this scene. Obviously it was adorable and everything that I’ve ever wanted for them, but beyond that, I love that he had that “someday” ring box before she even told him that she lied. This just confirms how perfect they are for each other and how well Danny truly knows her. He knew that she wasn’t ready and that he wasn’t truly ready yet but he’s still all in. I actually love Danny so much and I’m so happy that he and Riley are finally on the same page after all this time.

Overall, it kind of felt like they were throwing everything at us and the episode felt a bit scattered. I’m more of a fan of the cohesive episodes where everyone is involved in one central storyline. Although it wasn’t my favorite episode for a lot of reasons (I didn't think it was that funny - it was solid but not amazing), I will always love it because it was the first episode of Danny and Riley being together.

Episode Highlights

Danny’s someday proposal

So much shirtless Danny!!

Everything that Tucker says

Favorite Quotes

“My date is pregnant” - Ben
“Again?! Oh, my God, Ben! Okay that’s it, somebody get me a sewing kit. It can’t be that hard to perform a vasectomy.” - Bonnie

“Of course I’m okay. You know, it’s not like I pretended to faint at the alter and said that I didn’t hear his proposal because it was just, like, too much, too soon and now he keeps planning all these super sweet moments but I feel like he’s just going to keep asking me forever and it feels like I’m stuck in some kind of romantic Groundhog Day.” - Riley
“Well, as long as you're okay.” - Ben

“We’re going to do it. Right here, right now.” - Bonnie
“Here? In front of Tucker?” - Brad
“Yes. He’s got the license.” - Bonnie
“Oh. I didn't know you could get a license to do that in the park.” - Brad

“What are you doing here?” - Bonnie
“Ben’s in the back of a runaway carriage trying to deliver a baby and Riley’s at the reins.” - Danny

“Zoey’s having her baby! What do I do?” - Ben
“Find a new mom because after this, I am done with you.” - Bonnie

“So on a scale of one to ten how do you think this date’s going so far?” - Ben

“Is that finally a yes?” - Danny
“Yes!” - Riley

What did you think of this season premiere? Was the start of Danny and Riley everything you hoped it would be? Do you think that Zoey is “The One” for Ben? What were some of your favorite moments and quotes? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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