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The Vampire Diaries - Episode 7.10 - Hell Is Other People - Sneak Peeks + Caroline Dries Interview *Updated*

Stefan and Damon are both trapped in the Phoenix Stone. What can you reveal about their different experiences inside?
Caroline Dries:
Episode [10] will be primarily in Damon's experience of the Phoenix Stone. Through the course of the season, Damon struggled with his relationship with his mom and his willingness to open up his heart to her, open up his heart to the concept of forgiveness. So the Phoenix Stone in our minds is like one's own personal hell, handcrafted specifically for the person who gets stabbed with that sword. So for Damon, we get to explore the consequences of his inability to forgive people, and the mistakes he's made in the past surface and he needs to deal with them.

The soul put inside Jo's body didn't remember her past or who she was. Is that a potential side effect facing either Damon or Stefan?
It's a side effect if they don't figure out how to get the soul into the right body. Jo's soul was never in that stone, so they didn't understand how the science of it worked. Now, the guys understand that if your soul is in that stone and your body is still corporeal, in a way you can fix it so the soul returns to your body. So that's a minor complication as they figure out, "We've got to do this spell right since we've seen it go horribly wrong."

In the first half of the season, Stefan and Damon were very divided over how they felt towards Lily (Annie Wersching). Now that their mother is dead, and under such heartbreaking circumstances, will that affect their relationship?
It will affect their relationship, but it's more about how Damon's ability or inability to deal with it just makes things worse in Damon's life in general. His relationship with Lily is a microcosm for Damon's relationship with the world. I think once he figures out how to not be selfish in every single situation that involves his emotions, he won't really be able to move on in any relationship, and that involves his relationship with his brother too.

Bonnie has been Damon's main support system for a while now. How might we see her continue to help and support him during this?
Bonnie will continue to be a loyal friend to Damon and a very supportive person for him to lean on as he goes through the drama of the second half of the season. But their relationship will also face its own obstacles down the road. For us writers, it's a very interesting dynamic to play because they both have such great chemistry on-screen, so they play off each other so well. Damon has a friend in Alaric (Matthew Davis), but Alaric has this whole other world of drama with Caroline and the babies and everything. So really, Bonnie and Stefan are the grounding forces in Damon's life. So for him to put his relationship with Bonnie at stake would really, really have bad consequences for Damon, for sure.

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