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The Royals - The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father's Life - Review

I’m sad to say that season 2 of The Royals is officially over. This season was filled with more then a few lackluster episodes, but I have to say these past few episodes have been the reason why I started to like the show in the first place. This episode was perhaps the strongest in the series to date and I cannot be more proud of how far the cast has come on this show.

As we first tune into the episode we get flashbacks of Robert as a child and I’m assuming the supposed day he died? The TV fanatic inside of me knew something was up when they first started with the flashbacks. The sole focus of the season has been Simon and his death. Then all the sudden last week they began to mention Robert’s name again? I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence and we will talk more about that later.

The show then jumps back to 36 hours earlier and we watch as Jasper shows Liam the video of Ted stabbing Simon. Of course Liam breaks down, who wouldn’t? Liam always lets his emotions get the best of him, so Jasper locks him in the security room. He finally lets him free once he calms down and Liam shares the news with Len. As if these two haven’t been through enough?

Ted knows the walls are closing in and decides to escape to New York to be with Ophelia, but before he can the Domino leader calls him in. The Domino leader wants to a display a set of videos embarrassing the Royal family. He wants Ted to show this at the King’s Cup football match dedicated to Simon. Little does he know that his daughter is standing on the other side of the room and that she has warned Liam.

Once Liam hears Ted and the Domino leader’s plan he is hell-bent on killing Ted. Jasper again calms him down and says he has a plan. He, Len, James, and Liam meet down in the tunnels to discuss the plan. Before they can do so Helena joins them, she was invited by James. He filled her in on the news and gave her a copy of the video. They decide that one of them needs to go to the football game with Ted and Helena volunteers. She blames herself for Ted’s actions. She feels that she mistreated him while he was mourning his wife’s death and believes that is why he murdered Simon and Robert.

Helena also appears to have given up on being the ruling Queen of England. She tells Moorefield “The jig is up”. She also tells Cyrus “She is done fighting”. This makes Rachel want to work for Cyrus, because she wants to be on the winning team. Helena extends an olive branch to Cyrus by giving him a stuffed animal that Robert had as a kid. She wants his son to have it.

It seems that things are going well for Cyrus in this episode. Him and Prudence actually get married and his son is born. He seems to genuinely care for his son and he rocks him back and forth. He seems unfazed by the news that Ted was the one who killed Simon. However things aren’t as perfect as it seems. The whole marriage was a sham. Rachel switched the real priest for Helena’s gynecologist and Prudence left the palace with their son. It seems that Helena did actually get through to Prudence and she was in on the whole plan. Cyrus is left at the end of the season with nothing left expect for cancer. I don’t know who had a tougher time this season Cyrus or Len?

Len thanks Jasper for not giving up on finding out who the murder was. Even though he helped she tells him “That once this is all over you can never comeback”. It’s too hard for her to see him. Jasper once again puts up no fight and says, “Okay”. These two need to stop breaking my Jaspeanor shipper heart.

The day of the football game arrives and Liam decides that he will go with Ted to the game instead. When he gets into the limo he pulls a gun on Ted. It seems like he is ready to pull the trigger, but then Ted gets a phone call. He tells him “I need to answer its protocol.” It’s the not the Domino group calling him, it’s actually Len calling to speak to Liam. She convinces him not to kill Ted and Liam listens. Once they get to the stadium Liam makes a speech about how the people are finally going to see the truth about his family.

Jasper manages to switch the videos that Ted was planning on showing. He switches it with the video of Ted murdering Simon. Him and Len watch together as the crowd goes wild. Did I mention that Len grabs for Jasper’s hand? Progress! So maybe he can comeback to the palace after all? The crowd mobs Ted and brutally attacks him. No word on if they killed him or not. I say no and this is an excuse for Ophelia to return in season 3.

Helena finally accepts the fact that Liam is worthy of being King. She tells Rachel “It’s time to retest the DNA.” They go to Simon’s grave so they can get his bones. Strangely enough there’s no casket or body there. Where could Simon’s body be? The scene then cuts to a man lying face down on a beach hurt. He seems to a pilot, a pilot that we know, Robert. Are both King Simon and Robert alive? If so what does this mean? Was Ted in on it? Did he help them fake their deaths? It looks like we will have tune in next season to find out!

Side notes:
-Loved Len saying, “Don’t drink so much. I can’t believe I just said that.”
-Moorefield chose the sister that didn’t get plastic surgery kudos to him.
-Prudence pretty much owned Cyrus. I hope she comes back next season.
-James is a pretty standup bodyguard. I would love to see a romance between him and Helena.

Favorite moments of the season:
-Alexandra Park’s performance as the broken princess.
-The Helena and Eleanor bonding scenes.
-The music! Mark Schwahn knows his stuff when it comes to music just look at One Tree Hill.
-Speaking of One Tree Hill loved seeing James Lafferty direct. Invite him back for season 3!
-No Ophelia.
-Showing Cyrus’s sensitive side.
-Helena finally believing in her children.

What were your favorite moments from season 2? What did you think of the season overall? Do you think that Simon and Robert are alive? Comment below!

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