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The Royals - Be All My Sins Remembered - Review

This week’s episode of The Royals was definitely a filler episode for the last two episodes to come, but I can gladly say we finally got some answers.

Poor Cyrus! Last week when Violet went missing, I assumed the Duchess had just paid her off. Turns out I was wrong, but we’ll get to that later. Week after week we’ve seen Cyrus take hit after hit, but Violet missing pulled him over the edge. He took after his niece and turned to drugs to fix the problem. Drugs have a very different effect on Cyrus then they do on Len. Instead of being out of it, Cyrus goes full on crazy. Replaying events in his head, he comes to the conclusion that Helena did something to Violet. Instead of just confronting her like a normal person would, Cyrus brings a sword to his interrogation holding it to Helena’s throat. Helena denies having any involvement with Violets disappearance, but Cyrus just won’t have it. In comes the Duchess smashing a vase over Cyrus’s head like it’s nothing. When Cyrus regains consciousness he enlists Ted to locate Violet’s whereabouts.

There was another appearance to by Ted’s dead wife. She seems to have a sassy side to her now. I’ve wanted to believe that Ted was innocent this time, but it’s getting harder and harder to believe. Even his wife, who is really just his subconscious is saying he killed Simon. Anyways if the previews for the next episode are any indication, we’ll finally get answers of Simon’s murder. I do however think that Ted does have a soft spot for Liam. Yes he did put a camera in the flowers, but he told Liam the truth about Dominique.

The twins contemplated on what to about the whole Dominique situation. Liam had stayed up all night and was crabby. Awe poor baby, get a life Liam and stop whining you’re turning into Ophelia and you all know how I feel about her. Len decided that she would confront her mother about Dominique, since they bonded the day before. She marched over to Helena’s room and showed Helena the picture of Helena, Dominique, and Simon. Helena pretended to not know anything about Dominique, but it was very apparent to Len that she was lying. The twins decided to confront Helena on her lies together. She did admit to knowing Dominique, but insisted she had nothing to with her death. The twins still didn’t believe her. In a not so shocking revelation the Duchess walks into their conversation and admits to killing Dominique. The scary part is she doesn’t even feel guilty about it, because she thinks that she did the right thing for her family. This crushes both the twins because they now realize their entire existence is build on murder.

This especially takes it toll on Liam who invites Dominique’s niece to the palace. He gives her a tour and in return with his permission she films Liam going on an epic rant about his family and the monarchy. She posts the video online and it starts to trend with the hashtag King Liam. Hopefully this is foreshadowing that Liam will one day be king.

We witnessed another nice bonding moment between Len and Helena. It seems that the whole Dominique secret has brought them even closer together. Len realizes that her mother has sacrificed and lost more then anyone. She also notices how Helena never complains about it, showing how strong her mother is. Before Len leaves she gives her mother the earrings that Jasper got back from Mandy. What is with these earrings, they are pretty ugly if you ask me, too flashy for my taste. Len also bonds with Mr. Hill in this episode. We finally discover why he deiced to come work for the palace. It turns out that his brother died and his raising his niece. Len is also allowed to call him James now. His speech gets through to Len and she finally puts the drugs away.

Now back to the whereabouts of Violet. As Helena tells her mother she stripping her of her title, taking away her staff and her royal stipend, in walks Cyrus saying he knows the Duchess (I guess I have to start calling her by her real name after this episode) poisoned Violet like she did to the horse. The Duchess doesn’t deny this and rationalizes her actions, by saying he should never have proposed to the maid. Cyrus doesn’t let the Duchess and even Helena get away scot-free. He drops a bombshell on them. He did love Violet, but he was never going to propose to her. He proposed to Prudence the mother on his unborn son. The duchess killed the wrong maid. Round of applause for Cyrus here, he really is one step ahead of the game.

Side notes:
-Castle by Halsey was a nice song choice for this episode.
-Why was Jasper missing from another episode?
-Glad to see the return of Prudence, hopefully we learn a bit more about her.

Only two more episodes left of the season! Make your predictions for you think is going to happen! Comment below!