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The Originals - Ghost Of The Mississippi - Review

Both ‘The Originals’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ had great episodes this week. Of course the main storyline this week was Cami’s transition into becoming a vampire. At first she was very much against it, but after seeing that she could help out she decided to turn after all. The Strix kidnapped Hayley and Jackson, and killed the latter. To rescue Hayley, the Mikaelsons kidnapped Aurora. They tricked Tristan at the exchange and used the Serratura on him, locking him in a storage container forever. Aurora ended up getting away with the help of Lucien. Hayley, Elijah and the pack (so there were still werewolves left) ‘buried’ Jackson. 

Saw that coming, said everyone: Of course Cami was going to be a vampire. Unfortunately the behind the scenes photos kind of spoiled that for a lot of us. I honestly didn’t think she’d wake up that fast. Since she was nowhere to be seen in the promo, I thought she’d stay dead for the entire episode and then wake up at the end. To kind of keep us in suspense. I always thought they stayed dead longer on ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Might have been my imagination. Anyway, she woke up very quickly, which was probably a good thing since Klaus had taken in upon himself to redecorate the room by destroying everything in it. I knew Cami would have an issue with becoming a vampire, it would’ve been very out of character if she hadn’t. We saw earlier in the season that she has a dark side and she was clearly afraid that it would take over. But I honestly believe that that choice is up to her. She decides whether or not she lets the darkness win. And I’m afraid she may have. I was very impressed with Leah this week. Joseph as well. 

Character that needed a hug: Speaking of Joseph. Klaus’ worst nightmare came through this week. Someone he loved was dying and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. Nothing good anyway. But we all know Klaus doesn’t like feeling helpless, which is probably why he tried to force Cami into becoming a vampire. I’m glad it didn’t happen that way, that it was actually Cami’s choice, because I don’t think Cami, or Klaus, would’ve ever forgiven him. Though I fear he may slightly change his mind next week since Cami seems to be a bit out of control. 

Character that impressed me: Vincent surprised me this week. I honestly thought it would only be a matter of time before someone put Finn back inside him, but he proved to be a valuable character this week. I’m so used to see him not practice magic, that I didn’t realize just how powerful he is. Of course the fact that he is now regent probably helped. He and Freya make a good team and I really enjoyed his interaction with Cami. I didn’t realize they were that close. 

I was right… sort of: So, I’ve been predicting Jackson’s death each week since the wedding almost a year ago. But out of all of those episodes, this one was one of the few where I didn’t expect it. I knew they’d kill him off at some point, they kind of had to if they wanted to move forward with a Hayley and Elijah romance, but I didn’t think he’d be … a footnote. I thought it would happen in an episode where not much else happened. Hey, I’m not complaining. I just thought the timing was odd. It did make for a very interesting episode, since there was so much going on. I hope this means all of the remaining episodes this season will be as action packed but somehow I doubt it. 

Least favorite character: You know that feeling when a character you don’t like gets exactly what they deserve? Feels pretty good, right? I couldn’t help but smile as Tristan realized he lost everything. He’s been getting on my nerves all season. Out of the three sired characters, he served the least purpose. As we saw in this week’s episode, Aya easily replaced him as head of the Strix. I’m not surprised Aurora got away. I think it’s too soon for them to get rid of her as well. Though I doubt she’ll make it past the finale, since a lot of dangerous people are not very happy with her right now. 
Favorite twist: Even though I did figure it out about a third into it, I liked the scene where Cami posed as Aurora. That cannot have been easy magic, especially from a distance, or else every witch would use that trick. I liked seeing what it would look like with Cami in the middle of it, instead of on the sidelines out of harm’s way. I hope she pulls it together soon so that we can get more of this. 

What I missed: Marcel and Cami are close right? So why didn’t he even mention what was going on with her. I find it very hard to believe that he wouldn’t care at all. It would’ve made more sense if he’d shown up in the graveyard instead of Vincent. Maybe he’s trying to stay out of everyone’s way to not alert the Strix of his double agent status, but still. I wasn’t happy with this. 

Predictions: First of all, I think Hayley and Hope will be moving back into casa Mikaelson. I don’t really see the point of her living across the street with Hope. Her issues with Klaus seemed mostly resolved and I’m assuming she could use some support right now. Plus, Freya is an excellent babysitter. As I said earlier, Aurora will probably die before the end of the season however it won’t be anytime soon. Not sure what Lucien is up to. He didn’t seem so sure of the plan last time we saw him. Tristan seemed like the instigator, not sure what will happen next. Though I doubt we’re done with the prophecy. Someone we’re also not done with yet is Davina. If I remember correctly, I heard something about a witch coming to town who practices a different kind of magic. With Davina cut off from the ancestors, this will likely be her storyline. Honestly, I kind of hope she becomes dark, not the way she kind of was earlier this season. If done well, I think it would be interesting to see. Another thing is that pendant containing Finn. It’s been in play too much this season for it to not be used eventually. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Finn again soon. The actor who originally played him seems to be available for short appearances so maybe it’s a sign he’ll join to show soon? 

What I want to see: Aside from Davina going dark, I’d like to see more about Hope. Weren’t we supposed to get some huge revelations about her power this season? Whatever happened to that? I actually hope the show will do a time jump next season. Since pretty much every relevant character is immortal (not sure what the deal is with Freya), it wouldn’t be that difficult to do. And it would open up a lot of new storylines. But for now I just hope this show makes it to a fourth season. I don’t like the speculation I’ve been hearing. 
Best quotes: Klaus: I’ll tell you what I know about death, Camille. Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So why give a damn about her?” 
Hayley: “I’m not exactly sure what you’re going to be hunting in the French Quarter.” Jackson: “Hipsters.” 
Cami: “You know what they say. Payback’s a bitch.” 

That’s it for this week. Check again next week for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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