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SpoilerTV's Blind Item - TV Show to Reveal A Character as Pregnant *Revealed*

The show this Blind Item is referring to is The Big Bang Theory. The episode which aired last night revealed Bernadette as pregnant.

Updated 31st January: New poll.
New poll added below with a few shows removed, narrowing it down to only 8 shows.

Updated 24th January: Poll added.
We have now added a poll which will narrow it down to a dozen shows. So pick the show you think this blind item is about in the poll below.

Original Post
SpoilerTV has learned that a TV show will reveal one its female character to be pregnant. The episode featuring the reveal will be airing in the next few months.
Before you start guessing, here are a few hints below to make guessing this blind item easier for you.

  • The show airs on a broadcast network (i.e. ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or The CW)
  • The show is a veteran for the network and has been on air for five or more seasons.
  • The character in question is a series regular on the show, and not a recurring character.
  • The pregnancy is not a result of a one-night stand, meaning the to-be parents are or were in a relationship.
Make your guesses below. We might add more hints in the coming weeks and will update this post once the episode has aired.