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Quote of the Week - Week of Jan. 11

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Blacklist -
1. Reddington: "Gather your team. It's time to take down the Cabal." (Geo)
2. Reddington: "Ah, the sound of acquiescence." (Dahne)
3. Mr. Kaplan (at Navabi pulling out the weapons she's carrying): "My kind of girl." (Dahne)
4. Director: "I know who you really are, Raymond. Who you are to her and I know why you did this. Does she?" Reddington: "I can't think of even one set of circumstances in which that would be any of your business." (Dahne)
5. Gerard: "Good night, it's not the Hope diamond. Steal the damn thing." Kaplan: "And while I'm at it, shall I smile for the security cameras?" (Dahne)

CSI: Cyber -
1. Artie: "What did I miss?" Nelson: "I don't know but I love it when he's excited about this."
2. Nelson: "And no one's defecting from Florida to Rhode Island. I doubt it's political."
3. Avery: "Are you asking me on a date?" Artie: "Well you're a powerful, beautiful woman. You bet I am."

Colony -
1. Will: "How do you do it, Snyder? Slap on a suit and smile and d** over your own kind." Snyder: "I'm doing what anybody with a brain would do in this situation. I'm taking advantage of my opportunities."
2. Snyder: "Good things come to the loyal."
3. Spider: "Two kinds of guys roll through here. Guys running to something. Guys running from something. Which are you?"

Galavant -
1. Magdalena: "Do you know what happens when a queen loses her beauty sleep?" Sid: "She can sleep in later because she's a queen and she can do whatever she wants? Magdalena: "She could get a wrinkle and if she gets a wrinkle, she'll make sure you get a wrinkle…on your neck. I'm sorry. I'm not being very clear. I'm really tired. What I'm trying to say is that if you don't fix it I'll cut your throat, okay? Nighty night."
2. Mayor: "Though I can't imagine a free people ever voting to send an army into an open-ended foreign conflict which profits only the few. That would be madness."

Idiotsitter -
1. Billie: "Look, I am not Patrick Swayze, Gene. I'm the older disapproving sister who never did another movie."
2. Billie: "You've got a gun?" Ting: "Don't worry. It always jams." Billie: "You're terrifying."
3. Kent: "It makes me uncomfortable when people tell me things I already know about myself."

1. Sonja (regarding pictures of Abby and her brother): "I found every picture he’s ever taken with his sister. Why are they all on Halloween?" Tony: "That’s just how she dresses." (Prpleight)

Shadowhunters -
1. Clary: “So, what? I'm miraculously healed and all you stunning people have magical powers?” (Nirat Anop)
2. Clary: “Give me five minutes. I have to get dressed.” Simon: “Dressed? What are you doing undressed in an abandoned church? Clary, is there a meth problem we have to talk about?” (Nirat Anop and Dahne)
3. Clary: “Simon, how could someone as smart and perceptive as you not realize the person sitting right there is in love with you?” Simon: “I guarantee you I'm not the only smart, perceptive person to make that mistake.” (Nirat Anop)
4. Isabelle: “I love you Alec, but you have a switch that’s always on.” Alec: “I love you too.” (Nirat Anop)
5. Clary: "Would you two stop making me feel insane please?" Maureen: "Would you stop acting that way?" (Dahne)

The Shannara Chronicles -
1. Amberle: "You're braver than you look." Wil: "Don't mistake terror for bravery."
2. Wil: "That wasn't even close to a fair fight." Eretria: "Well the world isn't fair."
3. Allanon: "Everything, all of this, is not happening because of you. It is happening to you and the sooner you accept that the better."

Teen Wolf -
1. Sheriff Stilinksi: “I would destroy every piece of evidence to protect you. I would burn the whole Sheriff's station to the ground." (Nirat Anop, and Dahne)
2. Stiles: “I feel like it's more than guilt though. I feel like I lost something, you know? I feel like I can't get it back.” Sheriff: “You won't, not entirely, but you get a little bit by forgiving yourself. And since that's not always the easiest thing to do, maybe you start by forgiving someone else, someone who probably really needs it.” (Nirat Anop and Dahne)
3. Sheriff: "Stiles, I can't protect you if I don't know the truth. Did you really feel like you couldn't tell me?" Stiles: "I couldn't tell anyone." Sheriff: "Honestly, did you think that I wouldn't believe it was self-defense?
Stiles: "But what if it wasn't? What if I told you I wanted him dead?" Sheriff: "I'd believe you. I also believe that wanting someone dead and murdering them are two VERY different things." (Dahne)
4. Stiles: "And what about upholding the law? What about Kira?" Sheriff: "Kira was a mistake. I guess I'm learning how to bend." Stiles: "So what? It just goes away?" Sheriff: "Not for you. Problem now is how to bear this burden. This kind of thing is not at all uncommon in law enforcement - a fatal mistake, a partner who dies, one who gets paralyzed. Stiles, you carry that with you and sometimes it doesn't truly feel okay again until there's…there's a kind of counterbalance." Stiles: "Like what?" Sheriff: "Like instead of taking a life, you manage to save one. Something like that can help, maybe only for a moment. Look the real conflict you're having now is between your head and your heart. Your head…your head knows that the only crime you committed is surviving but your heart…your heart still thinks it was murder. So I guess you…uh, you've got to get your heart to catch up to your head." (Dahne)
5. Stiles: "I still hate that tattoo." Scott: "I know." (Dahne)
6. Scott: "We need help. If Theo's got his own pack now, then we need ours and we have to get the others back." Stiles: "The others? You mean Kira who's currently battling a homicidal fox spirit inside of her, Malia who isn’t even speaking to either one of us, Lydia who's stuck in Eichen House, and Liam who almost killed you?" Scott: "Also known as our best friends." (Dahne)
7. Scott: "What did you do?" Theo: "Found some new friends. I don't take rejection well." (Dahne)

Younger -
1. Diana: "Honestly, it's like you've got some form of literary Tourette's."
2. Liza: "Have you ever heard of punctuation?"
3. Liza: "Okay, what just happened there?" Maggie: "That's your daughter having a life. I suggest you do the same."
4. Liza: "Okay, can we stop doing the math now?"

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