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Quantico - Season 1B - Will Begin with a Time-Jump

When Quantico returns, don’t expect the ABC drama to reveal what happened immediately after that devastating second explosion in the midseason finale. Instead, star Priyanka Chopra says the drama will make a three-month time jump in the New York (a.k.a. future) timeline, during which Alex (Chopra) and those who survived must deal with the repercussions of the second bomb.

“We come back a few months after, and now that the second bomb went off, people are like, ‘Oh, maybe Alex wasn’t the terrorist,’ so what happens after that? What happens in the Command Center, where everyone was?” Chopra tells EW. “Was there someone else in the class [other than Elias] who was involved? What happened in these few months? All of those questions come up and it all screwballs in this half of the season.”

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