Mastodon Mastodon People's Choice Awards 2016 - Full List of Results with Non-Televised Winners & Photos

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People's Choice Awards 2016 - Full List of Results with Non-Televised Winners & Photos

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Non-Televised Winners

Favorite Action Movie Actress: Shailene Woodley
Favorite Animated Movie Voice: Selena Gomez
Favorite Comedic Movie: Pitch Perfect 2
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Kevin Hart
Favorite Dramatic Movie: The Martian
Favorite Family Movie: Minions
Favorite Thriller Movie: Taken 3
Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Comedic TV Actress: Melissa McCarthy
Favorite Cable TV Comedy: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite Cable TV Actor: Kevin Hart
Favorite Premium Cable TV Actor: Dwayne Johnson
Favorite Premium Cable TV Actress: Kristen Bell
Favorite TV Crime Drama: Person of Interest
Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor: Nathan Fillion
Favorite TV Crime Drama Actress: Stana Katic
Favorite Network TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Cable TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show: Outlander
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Jensen Ackles
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress: Caitriona Balfe
Favorite Streaming Series: Orange is the New Black
Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host: Jimmy Fallon
Favorite Animated TV Show: The Simpsons

Full List at People's Choice Awards

List of Winners

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress: Ellen Pompeo
Favorite Network TV Drama: Greys Anatomy
Favorite New TV Drama: Supergirl
Favorite New TV Comedy: Scream Queens
Favorite Comedic TV Actor: Jim Parsons (TBBT)
Favorite Network TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Cable TV Actress: Sasha Alexander
Favorite Premium Cable TV Show: Homeland
Favorite Competition TV Show: The Voice
Favorite Daytime Host Team: The Talk
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey
Favorite Humanitarian: Ellen DeGeneres
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor: Johnny Depp, Blackmass
Favorite Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock,
Favorite Cable TV Drama: Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Movie & Favorite Action Movie: Furious 7
Favorite Actor & Actress in a New TV Series: Grandfathered's John Stamos & Quantico's Priyanka Chopra
Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Chicago Fires' Taylor Kinney
Favorite Action Movie Actor: Chris Hemsworth
Favorite Album: Title by Meghan Trainor
Favorite Breakout Artist: Shawn Mendes
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Melissa McCarthy