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New Girl - Episode 5.4 - Review: "No Girl"

New Girl - Episode 5.4 - Review: "No Girl"

In this episode of New Girl, Jess is sequestered for jury duty, so Nick decides to rent out the loft to earn money to pay for Schmidt's bachelor party. I loved the moment between the guys between Nick's decision to take Schmidt to Tokyo for the party. The reactions in the room, Cece included, were priceless. At the same time, Winston is suspicious of KC and after learning to trust Cece last week, decides to enlist her from a woman's perspective in uncovering the truth. I was surprised to see Nick start renting the loft only because I knew Megan Fox was joining as a long-term guest star. I just thought there would be a little bit more of Zooey Deschanel before she left so I'm excited, but apprehensive to see how the gang operates as well as how the show can work without it's main star not being around for what I imagine is a considerable arc of the season.

Renting out the loft turns into a full-fledged attempt at operating it as a hotel. Out of all of the guests, Fred Armisen steals the show as a writer trying to finish his novel who happens to be stuck a love scene in the Alabama moonlight. "She took a fifteen on my face." Meanwhile, Winston and Cece's plan to post erotic photos online lead KC to immediately dump Winston. Cece tries to make it up to Winston be pretending to react like Jess, but has no ability to help out..."water and leaves!" Cece's advice about settling down, settling lower, and staying in your swim lane was hilarious. Dating and relationship advice from friends always ends up going that route because you have no idea what the right thing is to say to someone going through a break-up.

Nick makes the mistake of sleeping with Komiko and has to explain to her that he still has to charge her the room rate for staying. She mistakes that for him asking for money as a prostitute. Winston's bit with "I want someone to cry over me" literally made me laugh out loud. Cece's ploy with Winston getting hit by a truck and Winston jumping out from behind the bush was classic and will be one of my favorite gags along with Schmidt's "douche jar" and "youths!" Overall, I thought this was a funny episode that tried to set up how the gang reacts to being without Jess. After the well timed comedy of tonight's episode, I'm optimistic to see a show without Zooey Deschanel develop over the next few episodes. Time will tell if it will work or not. Comment below with your thoughts on the episode and tune into New Girl Tuesday's at 8/7 central.

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