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Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 1.03 - Blood Ties - Promos, Sneak Peeks + Promotional Photos *Updated*

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Thanks to RD for the heads up.

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Post Mortem Interview

The producers chose to kill off Carter in the second episode to prove that no one is safe.

"Very early on, we were talking about how do you establish the stakes particularly when you have time travel in the mix?," Guggenheim says. "There's always the possibility of the audience disengaging because with time travel, they can just go back in time and undo this or change that. We felt it important to really establish the stakes early on to submit exactly what it was our characters were facing. As with most ideas we come up with, killing off Hawkman began with a pitch that started off with, 'Well, this is probably too crazy, but… ' When we start off with that, we usually end up doing exactly that. Especially with this show, even more than Flash, even more than Arrow, crazy is a big part of the show's appeal."

Of course, that doesn't make the decision to kill Hawkman any easier on the showrunners.

"We love Falk but sometimes, letting your audience know that you mean business, you have to do horrible things," Klemmer says. "You sometimes have to cut off your nose to spite your face. I can't believe we actually followed through on it. But this is the kind of story audiences expect these days."