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Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 1.02 - Pilot, Part 2 - Promos & Sneak Peeks*Updated*

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Post Mortem Interview

That twist with Rip Hunter's family was so shocking, but it explained why he was so personally invested in taking down Vandal Savage. Where did the inspiration come from to have Rip be on the run from his own organization?

Guggenheim: I believe that was Greg [Berlanti]'s pitch. There had to be stakes, personal stakes. That's what we discovered with Arrow and The Flash. You can save the city, but having the city be in jeopardy is one thing and having the people you care about be in jeopardy is another. It raises the stakes by making it personal. As far as Rip being a rogue Time Master, that struck us as an enormous amount of fun, especially since that was a secret he could then keep from the rest of the team. As we learned on Arrow, these shows traffic in the currency of secrets of the characters.

Klemmer: We wanted Rip to be something more than just the glue that held the team together. The fact that he is an enigma and doesn't have a backstory from Flash or Arrow, we wanted to humanize him from the outset. We'll deal with that throughout the whole series. Time Masters are these cold, calculating, detached people who are the custodians of time and don't have any emotional vested interest in the course of history or the affairs of humankind. It's almost like priesthood where they're supposed to be celibate. Rip's original sin is to have loved and fallen in love and had a family. So yes, he's a rogue Time Master and he's breaking all the rules, but he's doing it for all the right, relatable reasons.

Sneak Peek

Ahead of the Legends of Tomorrow premiere on Thursday night, EW has an exclusive look at the Part 2 of the pilot (which will actually air next week).