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Law and Order Special Victims Unit - Townhouse Incident - Review

Benson got herself involved in another hostage situation. This time, it's with the other family that Noah's nanny works for, the Crivello family. When Lucy showed up to the Crivello house that morning to walk their son Luca to school something felt off, when his mother sent her away. When Lucy went to pick up Noah she told Benson about what happen at the Crivello house and she asked Benson if she could go and check on them. Of course Benson said she would. When Benson got there the mother opened the door and tried to turn her away but Benson was insistent, and so the mother let her inside, that's when the hostage takers pulled the gun on Benson.

The episode jumped to another very short storyline about a rape victim. A woman was being raped by a black man and her husband walked in and said " Stop Police!" Then he ran up to the roof where the detectives found the rapist. That was the end of the rape storyline...

When Barba asked Fin where Benson was Fin said that she was at the DNA conference but Barba said "she wasn't because he was there all morning and he would have seen her there." That, right there drew a red flag with the detectives, then when Lucy came walking into the squad room, she showed the detectives a text message that Benson sent her that mentioned William Lewis, in code. That's when they realised that Benson was in trouble.

The hostage takers were after money, they thought because the Crivello family owned ten food Markets that they would have a money safe in the house, but they were wrong. All they found was a few hundred dollars and some custom jewelry. Although the mother said that they have a safe deposit box where they have more money. So Ralph, one of the hostage takers took the mother to the bank to get the money, but afterwards the detectives caught up to them and arrested Ralph at the scene. This made Joe, the ringleader very upset to say the least. Joe asked Benson who at her squad that she trusted, and that cared about her. The very last person that I would have thought she would have called would be Tucker, because you know, they are such "good friends". But it was a brilliant idea, Tucker knew just what to say to Joe.

Joe wanted all these crazy things, a SUV to drive away, a few million dollars, and a plane. Tucker said he could get them but it would take a little while. But Joe was very demanding and wanted that stuff right away! Fortunately Tucker was able to get a SUV for Joe, before he got shot in the head by a sniper. Which I have to say the guy really deserved it! Joe was really annoying!!!

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