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Last Week in TV - Midseason 2015 Review

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Hi and welcome to a very special edition of Last Week in TV. Usually this is where we would review the shows we've watched, but most shows are on hiatus right now so we're saving any reviews for next week. This week we take a look at how the TV season is going now that we've reached the midseason hiatus. That means going over our favorite episodes for the year and giving out special awards. Even our faithful readers got in on the action to choose their awards as well. Tell us if you agree or disagree in the comments and feel free to hand out your own awards. Also if there is a show you would like to see me review, please nominate it in the short 2-question form below. Until next week when we go back to our normal format, happy TV viewing and I hope your new year is going well.

Top Episodes of the Year - 
covers all of 2015

Blue Star -
1. "Bewilderment of the Heart" - Dominion (It was the best overall episode of the show and had some beautifully shot scenes. Also, the song "Goodnight, Travel Well" by The Killers was perfect for the ending.)
2. "Baby" - Supernatural (This episode called back to the good old days of Supernatural. There were a lot of brotherly moments and some interesting angles were taken while being filmed.)
3. "YHWH" - Person of Interest (POI has always known how to do a season finale, and this episode was no different.)
4. "Paradox" - 12 Monkeys (This episode finally revealed what Cole's visions were about, managed to make me love a one-episode character, and had some unexpected twists.)
5. "And The Point of Salvation" - The Librarians (For exploring Ezekiel's character and making him more sympathetic. Plus, the time loop/game reboot plot was well done.)

Emma -
1. Forever, 1.14 – “Hitler on the Half Shell”
2. The 100, 2.13 – “Blood Must Have Blood, Part II”
3. Agent Carter, 1.07 – “Snafu”
4. Jane the Virgin, 2.08 – “Chapter 30”
5. Zoo, 1.12 – “Wild Things”

Jessica VanWinkle -
1. It’s All My Fault- How to Get Away with Murder ~This episode had me in suspense the entire time, and all the reveals didn’t disappoint. This was a great way to wrap up the first season of the show.
2. May God Bless You and Keep You Always- Parenthood ~This was the best way to end a series. We had closure for all the characters that we loved, and we got a chance to say goodbye to the Bravermans.
3. Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two- The 100 ~This was an amazing season finale. It was action packed and very emotional. The writing and acting were top notch.
4. Purpose of the Machine- Agents of Shield ~This was my favorite episode of the series. I loved how the team came together to get Jemma back. I especially loved the reunion of Fitz and Simmons.
5. Three Bells-Chicago Fire ~This episode was a very nice tribute to our beloved Leslie Shay. I think I cried almost the entire time. Firehouse 51 just isn’t the same without you, Shay!

Laura Markus -
5. Heroes: Reborn: June 13th, Part 2 (Rank: A+) ~The return of Matt Parkman before he was completely heartless, interesting backstories for Luke/Joanne and Carlos, more insight on Nathan (Tommy) and Malina, and overall a very consistent and nice ending to this time-travel story.
4. Battle Creek: Stockholm (Rank: A++) ~Russ gets abducted, and his own captor got him to loosen up. Is there any more I can say? Milt and Russ hugging in the basement is everything I could've hoped for from the series.
3. HTGAWM: What Did We Do? (Rank: A+++) ~On par with Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me, this mid-season finale was a thrill ride from beginning to end. Beautiful, breathtaking acting from everyone involved. The scene with Annalise convincing the Keating Five to shoot her is going in my favourite scenes of all time.
2. Daredevil: Nelson v. Murdock (Rank: A++++) ~A beautiful rest from the nonstop fighting scenes and a great continuation of the craziest cliffhanger I have seen in a long time. A stunning character and relationship piece and the flashbacks with Matt and Foggy were so fun to watch.
1. Limitless: Headquarters! (Rank: A+++++) ~The Bruntouchables montage at the end taught me the lesson of not turning off the episode until the full credits run. A hilarious episode with a fantastic premise, great acting, witty writing, and very cute moments. My favourite show of the year's best episode by miles.

Michaela -
1. Mr. Robot-1.04- Da3mons- The trippiness of Elliot’s hallucinations in this episode show a more creative facet of the show than was unexpected, but highly appreciated. Elliot’s breakdown in his motel room after feeling abandoned reveals a lot about Elliot’s damaged psyche as well as his connection to Mr. Robot.
2. Jessica Jones-1.07- Top Shelf Perverts- Jessica had mostly been able to keep her self-destructive tendencies in check until this point, but her inner demons finally got the best of her, causing her to go into a boozy, self-destructive tailspin. Her showdown with Kilgrave at the police station was also delightfully dark and gripping.
3. American Horror Story: Hotel- 5.02- Chutes and Ladders- A few of the reasons I love American Horror Story are its ability to constantly surprise me and to explore dark issues in an entertaining way. This episode finally introduced Evan Peters’ evil James March and gave the audience greater insight into the darkness both inside the hotel and within its guests.
4. UnREAL-1.10 - Future- If there was any doubt about whether or not Rachel Goldberg was an antihero, those doubts were cast aside with this episode. Instead of buying into the fantasy she disingenuously sold to other women, Rachel chose to stick with what she was good at, manipulating people in order to make good TV.
5. The Jinx- 1.01-Chapter 1: A Body in the Bay- This is probably the first documentary other than Paris is Burning that I’ve actually enjoyed watching. The premiere of The Jinx was so creepy and enthralling it has to make my top 5 list.

Missions -
1. How to Get Away With Murder – 2x09 – What Did We Do?
This episode was just brilliant from beginning to end. Every single actor on this show brought their A-game and the writing and directing was phenomenal. We finally found out who shot Annalise and fortunately, the scene was so well executed that it is one of the best moments of the entire year.
2. The Leftovers – 2x10 – I Live Here Now
It is hard to only pick one episode of the Leftovers, but for me this was the best episode of the season, maybe even the series next to the excellent season 1 finale “The Prodigal Son Returns”. I loved every single one of the 73 minutes since it was beautiful, brilliant, exceptionally acted, with one of the most satisfying moments on TV.
3. Game of Thrones – 5x08 – Hardhome
Hardhome was an exceptional installment and probably its best episode yet. We got to experience the Massacre at Hardhome, presenting to us what the actual threat is and how “bad” and frightening it is. It was truly a cinematic experience with the best CGI, the best directing, and best cinematography that I have ever seen.
4. Homeland – 5x09 – Our Man in Damascus
Once again Homeland proved that it was one of the most intense and best written shows on television. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and I have never yelled at my TV as much as I did during the last 10 minutes of this episode when Carrie is trying to find the terrorists at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.
5. The 100 – 2x16 – Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2
“May we meet again…” That was one of many scenes in these amazing 42 minutes that made it one of the best episodes of 2015. After Clarke and Bellamy irradiated Level 5, I had no idea what would come next. The final 10 minutes both shocked me (ALLIE) and broke me (Clarke leaving Camp Jaha and saying goodbye to Bellamy)

Swanpride -
1. Daredevil 1.02 "Cut Man" - It is a little bit strange that of all the Daredevil episodes I like the one which basically covers his origin the best, but not only did I really feel for Jack Murdock, I also thought that the way his story intercut Matt's current struggle after getting badly hurt was very cleverly done. That the episode introduced Claire and ended with the famous hallway fight scene was just the Icing on the cake.
2. Outlander 1.16 "To Ransom a Man's Soul" - This was a hard episode to watch, but I was really pleasantly surprised with how well the show runners managed to maintain the balance here. Rape is never an easy topic and it's way too often portrayed in a questionable manner. But here it is shown how traumatizing the experience is and how difficult and slow the healing process.
3. Agents of SHIELD 2.21 and 2.22 "SOS" - The two episode season finale was more like a one and a half hour TV movie than a show. It was suspense from start to finish and the proof that it was worth it to stick with the show through a sluggish first season and despite one or two questionable episodes in season 2
4. Agent Carter 1.07 Snafu - Agent Carter provided one good episode after another, but this was the one, in which everything came to a head. Peggy calling out her co-workers was just as satisfying as Dooley's fate was heart-breaking and the scene in the cinema is the stuff horror movies are made of. By the end of this episode, Agent Carter cemented itself as the Marvel show with the highest body count, which is quite a feat considering the concurrence.
5. Vikings 3.08 "To the Gates" - I was really disappointed with the last season of Vikings overall, but this one episode was truly impressive. The way the battle for Paris was staged didn't make up for removing step by step everything I loved about the show while emphasizing the elements I considered more questionable, but if there is one episode I had next to nothing to complain about, it is this one.

Dahne -
15. The Flash - 2.06 - Enter Zoom ~This had a great combo of drama, action, and especially humor. I laughed harder at the fake Linda and Barry fight than anything else that week.
14. The Librarians - 2.08 - And the Point of Salvation ~It gave Ezekiel some much needed character development but also provided one of the most heartfelt moments of the season.
13. The Goldbergs - 3.01 - A Kicka** Risky Business Party ~I liked this one especially because Laney's desire to have a mom tempered some of Beverly's most over the top actions. Plus that Beverly impression of Tom Cruise's dance was hilarious.
12. Quantico - 1.07 - Go ~I liked how the episode kept building tension through the fake bomb and the terrorist plot got very interesting at this point too. Before it was mostly the training sessions I looked forward to.
11. Code Black - 1.09 - The Son Rises ~The hospital cases in this one were so heartwarming and engaging that I almost did not want to leave them to go back to the regular cast. If you're unsure about this show, I would suggest checking out this episode.
10. The Blacklist - 3.07 - Zal Bin Hassan ~The Blacklist is the most improved returning show for me, save Supernatural. Putting Liz on the run with Red was inspired. Still this episode makes the list for me mostly because of Navabi's past.
9. Scorpion - 2.03 - Fish Filet ~Sylvester has really grown into his own in Scorpion this season. While the Megan episodes were more heartbreaking, I actually chose this episode where Sylvester has to go undercover in a prison because it shows his tremendous growth.
8. Into the Badlands - 1.06 - Hand of Five Poisons ~As the best action show on TV, part of why I chose this finale was the epic battle scenes. However it's more because each characters was left in a state of flux so now I'm worried about them all. Except Quinn, whom I hope is dead.
7. Stalker - 1.18 - The Woods ~Stalker is a prime example of why you shouldn't judge a show by its pilot. This episode was all about female power as Beth attempts to take down her own stalker.
6. Galavant - 1.01 - Pilot ~I was hooked on this show right from the first song. The lyrics and dialogue are snappy with miles more snark than any other comedy airing. The pilot is pure fun.
5. Agent Carter - 1.05 - Iron Ceiling ~This is the episode where her male counterparts learned exactly what Carter was capable of, which made for some great scenes and better action. It was a close call to choose this one over Snafu though.
4. Forever - 1.15 - The King of Columbus ~I still miss Henry and Abe's interactions and this was one of the better ones along with 1.14's Hitler on the Half-Shell. It dwelt a lot in flashback but most importantly it focused on Henry's feelings about Abe reaching out to his biological family and Abe reassuring Henry that he will always be his dad.
3. Supernatural - 11.05 - Thin Lizzie ~I was very tempted to pick Baby because of all of the nostalgia that comes with it but I think this was a better episode overall. I like that it brought back genuine scares to Supernatural and still captures the feel of season 1 when the brothers were working together that I so much admire this season.
2. How to Get Away with Murder - 2.09 - What Did We Do? ~While overall the show is in a sophomore slump to me, this midseason finale packed quite the punch. It was one twist and powerful acting scene after another, solidifying Viola Davis' nomination for a Best Actress Emmy nod again next year. The acting, directing, and cinematography were top notch.
1. The 100 - 2.15 - Blood Must Have Blood, Part1 ~While not the best episode of season 2 of The 100 (that would be Spacewalker), this was definitely the best episode of the year for me. Emotions ran high as the grounders and the 100 joined forces on the eve of attacking the Mountain Men. Then came the best twist of the year, one I'm still not over.

Individual Show Rankings - 
covers the 2015-2016 season, plus summer

Blue Star - Dominion
1. Bewilderment of the Heart (Because of everything I said in part 1)
2. Sine Deo Nihil
3. Son of the Fallen
4. The Narrow Gate
5. Reap the Whirlwind
6. Heirs of Salvation
7. Lay Thee Before Kings
8. The Seed of Evil
9. Day of Wrath
10. House of Sacrifice
11. Mouth of the Damned
12. A Bitter Truth
13. The Longest Mile Home (Though it had some great scenes [the hug!] I found that the episode was mostly just about wrapping up some storylines and it ended up being disappointing compared to the rest of the season.)

Emma - Criminal Minds
1. 11.07 – “Target Rich”
2. 11.04 – “Outlaw”
3. 11.01 – “The Job”
4. 11.05 – “The Night Watch”
5. 11.03 – “Til Death Do Us Part”
6. 11.08 – “Awake”
7. 11.09 – “Internal Affairs”
8. 11.06 – “Pariahville”
9. 11.10 – “Future Perfect”
10. 11.02 – “The Witness”

Jessica VanWinkle - Nashville
1. We’ve Got Nothing But Love to Prove (episode 10) ~This was my favorite episode of the season hands down. Deacon proposed to Rayna, and some unnecessary characters left the show. Can’t wait for the show to return in March!
2. Can’t Get Used to Losing You (episode 7)
3. Can’t Let Go (episode 1)
4. Stop The World (And Let Me Off) (episode 5)
5. The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here (episode 4)
6. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye (episode 3)
7. Till The Pain Outweighs The Shame (episode 2)
8. Please Help Me I’m Falling (episode 6)
9. Three’s a Crowd (episode 9)
10. Unguarded Moments (episode 8)

Laura Markus - Heroes Reborn
1. June 13th, Part Two (A++++)
2. Game Over (A+++)
3. Sundae, Bloody Sundae (A++)
4. June 13th, Part One (A+)
5. 11:53 to Odessa (A)
6. The Lion's Den (A-)
7. Brave New World (B+)
8. Odessa (B)
9. The Needs of the Many (B-)
10. Under the Mask (C+)

Michaela - Mom
I don’t laugh as much at this show as I do with some of my others, but it’s always heartwarming and the mother-daughter relationship between Bonnie and Christy is one of the best on broadcast.

1. 3.05- A Pirate, Three Frogs and a Prince
2. 3.06- Horny-Goggles and a Catered Intervention
3. 3.04- Sawdust and Brisket
4. 3.02- Thigh Gap and a Rack of Lamb
5. 3.03- Mozarrella Sticks and a Gay Piano Bar
6. 3.01- Terrorists and Gingerbread

Missions - Once Upon a Time
Overall, I was very disappointed with the first half of Once Upon a Time’s fifth season. It started with exceptional installments, however after that, it just kept going downhill. The twists are terrible, the execution is poor, and almost everything comes across as cheesy. Hopefully the Underworld arc will improve the quality again.

1. The Price, 5x02
2. The Dark Swan, 5x01
3. Dreamcatcher, 5x05
4. Birth, 5x08
5. Nimue, 5x07
6. The Bear King, 5x09
7. The Bear and the Bow, 5x06
8. Broken Heart, 5x10
9. Siege Perilous, 5x03
10. Swan Song, 5x11
11. The Broken Kingdom, 5x04

Swanpride - SHIELD
1. 3.09 Closure (A++++++)
2. 3.08 Many Heads, One Tale (A+)
3. 3.10 Maveth (A+)
4. 3.07 Chaos Theory (A)
5. 3.02 Purpose in the Machine (A-)
6. 3.06 Among us hide (A-)
7. 3.01 Laws of Nature (B+)
8. 3.05 4,722 hours (B+)
9. 3.03 A Wanted (In)human (B)
10. 3.04 Devils you know (B)

Episode Awards - 
covers the 2015 -2016 season so far

Best Returning Show:
Blue Star - Dominion
Emma - Jane the Virgin
Jessica VanWinkle - How to Get Away with Murder
Laura Markus - How to Get Away with Murder
Michaela - How to Get Away with Murder
Missions - Homeland
Swanpride - SHIELD
Dahne - The Blacklist

Best New Show:
Blue Star - Into the Badlands
Emma - Code Black
Jessica VanWinkle - Chicago Med
Laura Markus - Limitless
Michaela - Jessica Jones
Missions - Blindspot
Swanpride - Jessica Jones
Dahne - Into the Badlands

Most Improved:
Blue Star - Supernatural
Emma - Sleepy Hollow
Jessica VanWinkle - SHIELD
Laura Markus - Hawaii 5-0
Michaela - Gotham
Missions - The Leftovers
Swanpride - SHIELD
Dahne - Supernatural

Least Improved:
Blue Star - Grimm
Emma - Grimm
Jessica VanWinkle - The Good Wife
Laura Markus - Shameless
Michaela - Grey's Anatomy
Missions - Empire
Dahne - Grimm

Best Pilot:
Emma - Blindspot
Jessica VanWinkle - Quantico
Laura Markus - Blindspot
Michaela - Mr. Robot
Missions - Blindspot
Swanpride - Jessica Jones
Dahne - Blindspot

Worst Pilot:
Emma - Truth Be Told
Jessica VanWinkle - Rosewood
Laura Markus - Quantico
Michaela - The Magicians
Missions - Scream Queens
Swanpride - Supergirl
Dahne - Dr. Ken

Best Scene:
Blue Star - Michael's speech to Not!Alex in "Bewilderment of the Heart" (Dominion)
Emma - Jane Doe emerges from the bag on Times Square (Blindspot)
Jessica VanWinkle - Fitz rescues Jemma in the episode “The Purpose of the Machine.” (SHIELD)
Missions - Annalise begs the Keating 4 to shoot her and is finally shot by Wes, however, in the wrong spot (How to Get Away with Murder)
Swanpride - Fitz rescuing Simmons from the Monolith (SHIELD)
Dahne - Bonnie confronts Annalise (How to Get Away with Murder)

Best Character:
Blue Star - Michael (Dominion)
Emma - Jesse aka Mama (Code Black)
Jessica VanWinkle - Leo Fitz (SHIELD)
Laura Markus - Brian Finch (Limitless)
Michaela - Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)
Missions - Annalise Keating (How to Get Away with Murder)
Swanpride - Trish (Jessica Jones)
Dahne - Jessica (Fresh Off the Boat)

Character That Most Needs to Go/Be Fixed:
Blue Star - Adalind (Grimm)
Jessica VanWinkle - Jackson Avery (Grey's Anatomy)
Laura Markus - Frank (Shameless)
Michaela - Flynn Carsen (The Librarians)
Missions - Carrie Matthison (Homeland)
Swanpride - Robyn (Jessica Jones)
Dahne - Adalind (Grimm)

Best Character Interaction:
Blue Star - Amy and Ty (Heartland)
Emma - Ravi and Liv (iZombie)
Jessica VanWinkle - BAU team (Criminal Minds)
Laura Markus - Matt and Noah (Heroes: Reborn)
Michaela - Jimmy builds Gretchen a pillow fort and stays with her despite her depression (You’re The Worst)
Missions - Oliver and Barry (Arrow/Flash crossover)
Swanpride - Jessica and Trish (Jessica Jones)
Dahne - Joe and Barry (The Flash)

Best Action:
Blue Star - sword fighting in Into the Badlands
Emma - Arrow
Jessica VanWinkle - Arrow
Michaela - M.K. gets his booty handed to him by Waldo (Into the Badlands)
Swanpride - Ward causally kidnapping Werner van Strucker from a boat full of body guards (SHIELD)
Dahne - Into the Badlands

Biggest Surprise:
Blue Star - Into The Badlands hooked me not only because of the action but also several of the characters
Emma - Walter’s considerable character growth this season (Scorpion)
Jessica VanWinkle - Wes shot Annalise on How to Get Away with Murder
Laura Markus - Criminal Minds setting up Penelope and Derek to be in serious trouble
Michaela - We actually got an Ezekiel-centric episode on The Librarians and it was actually pretty amazing
Missions - Arrow’s awesome season 4, after the profoundly disappointing season 3
Swanpride - Lash having a human form. Once this was revealed, the next conclusion was obvious, but I really didn't see that one coming beforehand. (SHIELD)
Dahne - Both Galavant and Agent Carter got renewed and a place on the midseason schedule

Biggest Wish:
Blue Star - The Walking Dead to stop repeating the plot where every season the group finds an apparently safe place to stay only for it to end up not being safe (Let's mix it up!).
Emma - Brian and Harris do NOT hook up (Limitless)
Jessica VanWinkle - I want Antonio Dawson to have more screen time and be featured more on Chicago PD. Jon Seda is a great actor and deserves better than what he’s getting.
Laura Markus - Limitless could use some LGBTQ+ representation
Michaela - The terrorist in Quantico is confirmed and his/her motivations are made clear in a way that makes sense
Missions - Once Upon a Time: Get rid of half the characters, such as Robin or Hook, and stop putting the primary focus on Captain Swan
Swanpride - Can Fitz get some happiness? Just a little bit, please? (SHIELD)
Dahne - That next year there will be a better crop of new comedies. (all networks)

Most Heartbreaking:
Emma - Barry gets beaten up and humiliated by Zoom (The Flash)
Jessica VanWinkle - Megan's death (Scorpion)
Missions - Ward's death (SHIELD)
Swanpride - Fitz listening to Jemma's recording from the alien planet (SHIELD)
Dahne - the breakup of the Scott and Stiles bromance (Teen Wolf)

Most Anticipated Midseason Show:
Blue Star - Second Chance
Emma - The 100
Jessica VanWinkle - The 100
Laura Markus - Angel from Hell
Michaela - The Catch
Missions - The Family
Swanpride - Agent Carter
Dahne - The 100 (returning)

Other Awards:
Jessica Van Winkle - Favorite New Character - Connor Rhodes (Chicago Med)
Jessica Van Winkle - Character I Miss Most - Peter Mills (Chicago Fire)
Missions - Best Episode of a Binge-Watched Show - The Prodigal Son Returns (The Leftovers)
Swanpride - Most Meta - Sherlock special (Sherlock)
Dahne - Best Episode I Watched This Year - Doctor Who - 3.10 - Blink, but it didn't air this year so it didn't count
Dahne - Best New Character Interaction - Jesse and Rorish (Code Black)
Dahne - Best Update to a Classic Speech - instead of searching every farm house and hen house, Ressler wants to search every Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit thread (The Blacklist)
Dahne - Most Anticipated New Midseason Show - The Shannara Chronicles
Dahne - Best Music - surprisingly Wicked City
Dahne - Worst Return - Metatron (Supernatural)
Dahne - Most Ridiculous - the Super Fun Guy outfits (Scorpion)
Dahne - Best Surprise - Iris calmly accepts that Joe was protecting her from her mom instead of it being a long, drawn out rift between them (The Flash)
Dahne - Best New Character (male / female) - Jesse (Code Black) / Shelby (Quantico)
Dahne - Best New Character in a Returning Show - Morland Holmes (Elementary)
Dahne - Most Improved Character (male / female) - Asher (How to Get Away with Murder) / Kirsten (Stitchers)
Dahne - Biggest Shock (plot) - The 100 by far
Dahne - Sweetest Comedy Moment - daddy and daughter dancing in the grocery store (Life in Pieces)
Dahne - Best Cliffhanger / Best Use of Flashbacks - surprisingly Quantico beats out How to Get Away with Murder in both categories
Dahne - Most Missed Show from Last Season - Forever
Dahne - Best Awww Moment - Red tells Liz she's his home (The Blacklist) followed very closely by Walter calls Sylvester his brother (Scorpion)
Dahne - Best Acting - Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder)

Reader Awards -  
covers the 2015-2016 season so far

Best Returning Show:
1 - How to Get Away with Murder
2 - Arrow / Doctor Who / The Librarians / SHIELD
Honorable Mentions - Bron/Broen, Chicago Med, Grey's Anatomy, Grimm. iZombie, Mom, NCIS: LA, Supernatural, The Flash, The Leftover, The Middle, The Walking Dead

Best New Show:
1 - Jessica Jones
2. Supergirl
3. Into the Badlands / Limitless / Quantico / Scream Queens
HM - Blindspot, Code Black, Killjoys, Minority Report, Mr. Robot, The Last Kingdom, The Muppets, UnReal

Most Improved:
1. Arrow
2. The Flash / Grimm / SHIELD
HM: Doctor Who, Elementary, Fresh Off the Boat, Gotham, Mom, Reign, Scandal, Supernatural, The Affair, The Blacklist, The Leftovers, The Librarians, The Mindy Project, The Originals

Least Improved:
1. Castle / Modern Family / Scorpion
HM: Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, CSI: Cyber, Elementary, Empire, Gotham, Grey's Anatomy, Grimm, Jane the Virgin, Nashville, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, SHIELD, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead

Best Pilot:
1. Blindspot / Quantico
2. Limitless / Supergirl
HM: Ash vs. Evil Dead, Code Black, Dark Matter, Flesh & Bone, Heroes: Reborn, Into the Badlands, Minority Report, Mr. Robot, Scream Queens, Sense8, The Last Kingdom

Worst Pilot:
1. Scream Queens
2. Blindspot / Blood & Oil / The Player
HM: Agent X, Limitless, Minority Report, Rosewood, Supergirl, The Grinder, The Magicians, Truth Be Told

Best Character:
1. Annalise Keating / Jessica Jones
HM: Bonnie (Mom), Brian (Limitless), Carrie (Homeland), Chad (Scream), Cisco (The Flash), Connor (How to Get Away with Murder), Damien (Arrow), Dean (Supernatural), Elizabeth (Madam Secretary), Grant (SHIELD), Kara (Supergirl), Lara (Minority Report), Laurel (Arrow), Leo (SHIELD), Nick (Grimm), Oliver (Arrow), Ravi (iZombie), Rick (The Walking Dead), Saga (Bron/Broen), Sherlock (Elementary), Sue (The Middle), The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Character That Most Needs to Go:
1. Morgan from The Walking Dead
2. Felicity from Arrow
3. Jo Wilson from Grey's Anatomy
HM: Adalind (Grimm), Alex (Grey's Anatomy), Cassandra (The LIbrarians), Castiel (Supernatural), Greer (Reign), Hook (Once Upon a Time), Iris (The Flash), Liz (The Blacklist), Major (iZombie), Malcolm (Arrow), Michael (Jane the Virgin), Patty (The Flash), Priest (The Walking Dead), Theo (Teen Wolf), Tom (The Blacklist)

Best Character Interactions:
1. Ezekiel and the team from The Librarians / Jessica and Trish from (Jessica Jones)
HM: Bellamy and Clarke (The 100), Bonnie and Annalise (How to Get Away with Murder), Bonnie and Marjorie (Mom), Brooklyn 99, Cat and Kara (Supergirl), Into the Badlands, Kara and Alex (Supergirl), Kensi and Deeks (NCIS:LA), Klaus and Lucien (The Originals), Lara and Arthur (Minority Report)), Liv and Ravi (iZombie), Liz and Red (The Blacklist), Max and Caroline (2 Broke Girls), Meredith and Penelope (Grey's Anatomy), Monroe and Rosalee (Grimm), Pack vs. witches (Bitten), Ragnar and King Ecbert (Vikings), Sam and Dean (Supernatural), Sam and Lucifer (Supernatural), Sheldon and Amy (The Big Bang Theory)

Best Action Scenes:
1. Arrow
HM: Agent X, Daredevil, Dominion, Grimm, Homeland, Into the Badlands, Jessica Jones, The LIbrarians, Once Upon a Time, Scorpion, SHIELD, Vikings, The Walking Dead

Most Heartbreaking Show:
1. Grey's Anatomy / The Librarians / Once Upon a Time / SHIELD
HM: Arrow, Chicago Fire, Doctor Who, Dominion, The Flash, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, Hannibal, The Originals, Scorpion, The Leftovers, The Walking Dead, You're the Worst

Most Anticipated Midseason Show:
1. The 100
2. Legends of Tomorrow
HM: Agent Carter, American Crime, Banshee, Better Call Saul, Daredevil, Game of Thrones, Girls, Lucifer, Guide to Surviving Life, Galavant, (You, Me, and the Apocalypse)
Shows that were nominated but didn't qualify because they have already aired in the 2015-2016 season: Arrow, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, Into the Badlands, SHIELD, Supernatural

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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