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Code Black - The Fog Of War - Review

Code Black’s winter finale ended off with three doctors in peril. Picking up from the winter break, a doctor’s career could potentially be in peril while a love triangle blooms.

Dr. Christa Lorenson (Bonnie Sommerville), stuck in a ravine with her a young patient, his sister and their mother (Katherine), devices a plan to help get the attention of Dr. Neal Hudson (Raza Jeffrey). With the fog lifting, Neal is finally able to locate and bring help to Christa, her little helper and her two patients. The brother is thankfully on the road to recovery, thanks to Christa’s great improv skills. She definitely has Dr. Leanne "Daddy" Rorish (Marcia Gay Harden) to thank for that. Neal does some routine tests to see if Katherine can feel anything on her legs. It’s looking good, until Neal subtly lets Christa see that he’s not actually touching the mom’s legs when she says she can feel something. Katherine is lying to protect her kids. Christa has a heart-to-heart talk with Katherine, telling her it’s probably better that she be honest with her kids. Ultimately, Katherine agrees. Only time will tell if Katherine will be able to gain full use of her legs. One can only hope for the best.

Dr. Rorish’s medical decision could potentially bring troubles to her medical career. She, along with Neal, left Dr. Malaya Pineda (Melanie Chandra), a first-year resident, alone to do a chest tube to save Connie Ryder, a woman who was black tagged. However, Malaya’s chest tube punctured the patients liver. To save her life, they decide to perform a risky procedure by using balloon catheter to shut the bleeding away from the liver, buying her more time so that a team of surgeons could operate. Initially clashing with the director of the ER department and moments to tense for me to put into words, they are able to stop the bleeding and able to transport her up to the operating room. “Welcome to Angels”. A very intense welcome indeed, Leanne. Thankfully, both patients survive. In the words of Neal, “all’s well that ends well’.

But could Leanne's decision put Neal and herself in hot water? According to the Head of the ER Gina Perello (Christina Vidal), the County Disaster Response Unit is launching an investigation into herself and Neal for their actions in the field. Leanne is dismissive of Gina, even when Gina tells her she spent the last ten minutes on the phone defending Leanne. Its a sigh of relief because at least we know Gina isn't going to have Leanne over on a silver platter. But will 10 minutes on the phone be enough to save Leanne and Neal and prevent a possible lawsuit?

Malaya’s pregnant ex-girlfriend Carla was admitted to Angels Memorial. With Carla’s brain tumour, Malaya convinces her to induce the labor, thus accepting that Carla’s out of time. Carla asks Malaya to help her be able to hold her son, whom she named Phillip, before she passes. The episode’s final scene is of Jesse "Momma" Salander (Luis Guzm├ín) finding Malaya and saying he’s heard the news. Carla has died. There was not a dry eye in my living room while watching this scene.

If you thought the kiss between Leanne and Cole Guthrie was steamy, the love triangle between surgical intern Dr. Heather Pinkney (Jillian Murray), Angus Leighton (Harry Ford) and Mario Savetti (Benjamin Hollingsworth) is even better. After being held hostage by a patient at gun-point in the field. Mario and Heather share a brief kiss before being interrupted by patients. Angus and Heather share a hug when he finds her still shaken up by the incident. Falling for her, Angus confides in the older Guthrie (William Allen Young) on whether or not he should ask her out. Sorry, Angus, but judging by that kiss Mario and Heather shared in the locker room, you may want to delay asking her out.

“Time is precious. Trust me on that.” -Dr. Leanne Rorish

Could another relationship be blossoming? No, I’m not talking about Momma and Daddy (Jesse and Leanne). I’m talking about Christa and Neal.

As Christa is getting off work and says she’s heading home to bed, she (jokingly) asks Neal if he wants to come. Neal breaks out of it by letting Christa know that there are some reporters that want to talk to her. This time, however, he’s really not kidding. There’s a photo of her being lifted out of the ravine by helicopter that’s gone viral. Christa doesn’t quite believe him, but then he shows her the mass of reports waiting to interview her. She then, teasingly, asks how she looks, but Neal answers sincerely with “beautiful.” She thanks him "for today, for everything" before leaving to handle the mass of reporters waiting for her. It leaves Neal a bit starry-eyed with a little smile. Is that a hint of adoration I see in your eyes, Dr. Neal Hudson?

What was your reaction to this roller coaster of an episode? Will Malaya take custody of Phillip and become his momma? Will Christa and Neal become a thing? Will Leanne and Neal get let off the hook for their decision to save the black tagged patient? How many tissues did you need while watching the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

‘Code Black’ airs every Wednesday on CBS at 10pm E.T.

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