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Chicago PD - Now I'm God - Review

In the conclusion of the Chicago crossover event, the case involving women without cancer dying from chemo overdoses is investigated by the Sergeant Voight and the Intelligence Unit.

The unit begins their investigation meeting at Chicago Med. Dr. Natalie Manning interrupts, letting the team know a new patient fitting the case profile just came in, and she gives the team the patient’s purse to rifle through. The team figures out the doctor connected to the cases, a Dr. Dean Reybold. The crazy twist? Dr. Reybold was Camille Voight’s (as in Voight’s wife) oncologist. Yikes.

Voight is understandably shaken and emotional, which is a dangerous thing..for Dr. Reybold. It’s emotional for Erin too, as Camille was the mother she never had (er, mother she deserved). Halstead and Lindsay speak with Dr. Reybold and not 10 seconds into this conversation, I already want to slap him. He’s a psychopath, without a doubt. Erin just about loses it, which ups the tension between Dr. Reybold and his team of lawyers and the investigation unit.

Antonio calls ASA Dana Shelby to help with the case, who gives explicit no-arrest orders. But when the team walks in on client files being shredded and a team of lawyers talking with Dr. Reybold, Voight can’t help himself.

The most heartbreaking scene was the team talking with Dr. Reybold’s victims. These women, whose lives were ruined by chemo, discovering they never had cancer was gut-wrenching. Erin concurs, and she goes to ASA Shelby to change the charge against Dr. Reybold to homicide. The problem? In order to stop Dr. Reybold from practicing immediately, ASA Shelby plans on bringing fraud charges against him which suspends his medical license for a year. Once that’s done, they can go back for the homicide charge, but success is not guaranteed, as Dr. Reybold can appeal. Tricky.

So, the team has to work for more evidence and turns to Chicago Med’s Dr. Charles for assistance. As a brief side note, this Chicago trio is working out swimmingly. The seamlessness of the crossovers (both large scale like this week and the occasional appearance or two) is incredible. Anyway, Dr. Charles agrees to informally meet and diagnose Dr. Reybold so he can testify. He meets Dr. Reybold at a coffee shop, and Dr. Reybold gives Dr. Charles exactly what he wants.

Thanks to patient scheduling and order receipts, ASA Shelby and the team seem to make a breakthrough with the case against Dr. Reybold. They do encounter a minor setback when the judge declares that the victims in the fraud case can’t be included in the homicide case. But in a crafty move, Voight gets himself on the stand and because he saw Dr. Reybold administer treatment, he opens the door for the fraud victims’ testimonies to be included. This is the nail in Reybold’s coffin, as the jury finds him guilty of murder on all accounts. And just a related thought, I can’t help but wonder if Chicago Law could be on the horizon…

This was a fantastic episode, as we finally got a bit more of Voight’s past. We’ve known Camille died of cancer, but they don’t talk about her much. I loved seeing this side of Voight; it humanized him a bit more. The touching scene with Voight and Erin reminiscing was perfect, and you could really see what Camille meant to Erin. Ending the episode with the home video of Camille and a young Justin was just perfect.


Burgess and Platt work to clear Roman’s name. In the winter finale, Roman shot Richie, the abusive father of the boy who died of cancer. The cops can’t find a gun, which is bad news for Roman. Using Richie’s brother Denny, Burgess and Platt clear Roman’s name. I hope this closes the case completely, as it’s time for Roman to move on. But, he seems like a dweller, so my hopes aren’t high. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Kelly.

What did you think of the episode and crossover? Will Roman let go of Kelly? Will we get more of Voight’s backstory soon? Share your thoughts below!

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