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Chicago PD - Knocked The Family Right Out - Review

We open on a seemingly innocent night: a woman falls asleep while watching a movie, nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until three masked people break in and trash the place. And the trio doesn’t leave until one rapes a young girl asleep in her bed. Yikes. Rape is one thing, crimes involving children is another. But combining the two is just horrific. Needless to say, a dark tone was set early in this episode.

The trio used nitrous oxide to knock the family out, which explains my utter confusion at the woman not waking up while people were throwing her belongs all over the room. The invasion is especially difficult for the father, who feels responsible for his daughter’s rape. “I was in the next room over. How could I let this happen? My daughter?” I just wanted to give this guy a hug! I can’t imagine that sort of helplessness.
Erin finds the lead Pete Damien, a nitrous oxide dealer. The team brings him in and they set up a party to catch one of Pete’s buyers. The team meets Spence, one of Pete’s buyers who looks very suspicious. But before Voight can get things going with Spence in the cage, Ruzek tells him and Halstead that there’s been another break-in, and another rape, which forces them to release Spence.
Antonio and Lindsay talk with Tawny, the latest rape victim. The trail that previous led the team to Spence seemed all but dead until Tawny disappeared from the hospital. Mouse pings Tawny’s phone, and Erin goes to talk with her again. Meanwhile, the team finds information on a Ty, the next person of interest. The team gets suspicious and revisits the tapes from the first invasion, figuring one of the masked people to be Tawny.

Things are getting fishy! I wasn’t all that surprised when Spence appeared and bashed Erin’s head (and the promos for the episode obviously helped). They tie her up and let Ty have a moment, where he drugs up, grabs a knife, and seems to either be on the verge of killing and/or raping her.

No, no, no, not today! Halstead (of course it’s Halstead) bursts through the door and shoots Ty in the head. Meanwhile, Spence and Tawny are arrested, and Erin sends Tawny off with a nice punch in the face. I know it’s against the “rules” or whatever, but Tawny deserved it.

Later, Halstead and Erin have what I thought was an awkward conversation. Sure, it was sweet that he made her promise to never go in without back-up again. But there was a lot of awkward silence, to the point where it almost seemed as if they forgot their lines. It’s not a big deal, but it did bother me a little.


Burgess and Ruzek are not on the same page. The wedding is still postponed and they can’t agree on apartments. When Voight sends Burgess and Roman to pick up Eddie (Voight’s former cellmate, previously seen earlier this season), Burgess apparently tells Eddie everything. When Eddie gets to the district, he wastes no time in telling Ruzek what a bonehead he is. Ruzek’s face is priceless, probably my favorite moment of the episode.

Speaking of Eddie, he’s back! He seems to be cleaning up his life—he’s got a daughter, a steady girlfriend, and Voight in his corner searching for an apartment and a job. But that optimism all comes crashing down at the end of the episode when Eddie questions Voight about being a CI, as he’s in need of cash quickly. Eddie is a bit too eager, as his “innocent” questions about a CI’s cut reveal he has something in the works. I see one of two things happening: 1) Eddie returns to his criminal ways and becomes a target in a case investigated by the Intelligence Unit, or 2) Eddie ends up the victim in a case investigated by the Intelligence Unit. Either way, I don’t think things are going to end well for Eddie.

Platt doesn’t shy away from pointing showing off her ring. Unfortunately, her and Mouch’s wedding plans hit a large bump in the road when Platt’s dad tells them he’s broke and can’t pay for the wedding. But why worry? We’ve seen the Fire crew put together a beautiful wedding, they can do it again! I’m sure these two will figure something out.

It’s not quite the middle of the season yet for PD, but I’ll air some grievances now (I would normally wait and do a mid-season rundown, but I don’t feel like waiting). Don’t get me wrong, I love this show. There are brilliant characters and compelling storylines. But I have two big problems:
1) I’d like to see the cases last longer than one episode. This would allow us to dive deeper into these cases and perhaps complicate things a bit more. The show feels formulaic at this point and cases spanning more than one episode would break up that monotony.

2) We do get a bit of backstory each week, but I want more! We love these characters so much and I want to see more of their lives away from the case, something similar to Fire. Even though they are in the firehouse for the majority of the episode, there is a better balance between personal and professional there.

What did you think of the episode? Will Ruzek and Burgess ever make it down the aisle? When will we see more of Halstead and Lindsay? What will happen with Eddie? Share your thoughts below!

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