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Black Sails - XX - Advance Preview

Black Sails continues this upcoming Saturday with a well written and captivating follow-up to what was an excellent season opener. The season premiere kicked off the season in style by introducing us to two huge characters, Woodes Rogers and Blackbeard who will be key players in the ever on-going war for control of Nassau.

We also caught up with everyone else, and where they are at now after the events of the finale. Eleanor is under Rogers control, Silver is struggling to cope with the loss of his leg, Jack doesn't know how to manage his most valued prize and Max is barely coping with the responsibilities of being the 'Queen of Nassau.'

Let's also not forget Flint who has taken a big hit after the burning of Charlestown, not physically, but mentally. Flint in the first episode was being haunted by his past, most notably the death of his beloved friend and lover, Miranda Barlow. He's a changed man and a more dangerous one at that. He continues to spiral out of control disregarding any and all advice given by his crew and when the storm hits this forces him into a decision that puts not only his life at risk but his crews. Loyalty and obedience will be put to the test with Flint at the center of that.

Blackbeard comes face to face with an old friend and expresses his disappointment at what Nassau has become in his absence. He wants to return it to its former glory, but needs help to do so. Ray Stevenson continues to provide a subtle and fearful portrayal of Blackbeard as the episode also delves into his past life. For one of the greatest pirates to ever live, his chapter is only just beginning and we are witnessing that.

Elsewhere, Max sends a warning to Jack which forces him to make a tactical move when another's arrival could potentially jeopardize all that he's trying to accomplish. In the premiere, Rackham struggled to deal with the weight on his shoulders because of the Urca gold, but this episode he uses his personal strengths to his advantage and hatches a plan that will secure his and those he cares about's futures. And Woodes Rogers tells Eleanor all that he hopes to achieve, but he finds something out that leaves him questioning his own abilities when past lives come into play.

A lot more happens, but that's all I'm going to give you as I don't watch to spoil anything, but below are a few dialogue teasers for you all!

"Losing the fort guarantees the loss of the gold"

"This is madness"

"A man puts a dead thing in the ground, he expects it to stay there"

"If we show him a sign of weakness it will only encourage him to push on and finish the job"

"To slay Nassau you must know her, and you don't"

As always, thank you for reading. Don't forget to tune in this Saturday for the second episode of Black Sails!

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