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Arrow - Episode 4.11 - A.W.O.L. - Sneak Peeks, Comic Preview, Promos & Post Mortem Interviews *Updated*

Sneak Peek 3
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Sneak Peek 2

Sneak Peek

Comic Preview + New Interview
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"We got the all-time - the all-time end of an episode [coming up] where you just go, 'MERLYN! C'MON! Really?!'" Amell said emphatically, slapping his leg animatedly for added affect. "Plus John [Barrowman] and I have a showdown. It's - we have the Rematch of 1.23. The rematch three years in the making. It's pretty cool."

He has it all now, money, power, control of a secret society that shapes the world, so he should be happy, right? Not so, Barrowman exclusively told at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ.

"When he became Ra's al Ghul, he was finally in charge of the League of Assasins, but what he really wanted to be doing was still manipulating who I'll call the Team Oliver people," Barrowman said. He calls them that, instead of Team Arrow, because Merlyn likes manipulating them on a personal level, not just in their heroic lives. "You'll have to watch to see what happens," he teased, "because pretty soon a lot of things are going to change drastically."

Barrowman and Stephen Amell, who plays his counterpart and the star of Arrow, also teased a huge fight between the two, but Barrowman couldn't say anything more.

"I'm not saying anything more, it's a big fight, and that's it!" he said with a huge grin.

Philippine Promo [LQ]
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Australian Promo
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Extended Promo


Post Mortem Interviews

Comic book fans can also look forward to more of Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt in the back half of the season, per Mericle: “We saw him in action in 406 and I can tell you we’ll probably get a little bit more of that sometime in the next seven episodes or so.”

How frequent will the flash-forwards be for the remainder of the season?

I can tell you that we have no immediate flash-forwards, other than that one. We want to use them judiciously because we know how anxious it makes everybody. (Laughs.)

Felicity’s father will eventually come into the picture, so how does his impending entrance complicate matters?

One of the ways we were most intrigued by with that storyline was with respect to her mother. What does Felicity learn about herself through this flash from the past, so to speak. What does her mother know? What does that dynamic look like? She was very young when he left and she doesn’t really remember -- she remembers the abandonment but she doesn’t know who he is aside from what her mother’s told her. There’s going to be a lot of emotional tension and some pretty big questions that she’s going to want to get answered.

The new sizzle reel for the second half of the season showed Thea (Willa Holland) back in the hospital on life support. What puts her there?

She's been grappling with her blood lust all season, and as much as it seems like Damien Dahrk whammy-ing her in [episode] 407 put that to bed, it is going to come back in a surprising and visceral way. That's the root of how she ends up where she ends up in that trailer.

The trailer also showed Roy's (Colton Haynes) big return to Star City, suiting up in his Red Arrow costume along with the rest of the team. What brings him back after essentially getting out clean?

We're so excited to have Colton back. I don't want to give too much away, but I can tell you that he and Thea will have some really moving scenes together. We're going to raise some interesting questions about their relationship and also when we meet him again, he is going to, just like Oliver in [episode] 410, have slipped back into some very, very old habits. We'll be wondering what the hell happened between the last time we saw him and now.

TVLINE | Did I sense some tension in the limo there, between Oliver and Felicity? Are things maybe not going well for them four months down the road?
I definitely think there is some tension and we’re actually very intrigued to see if fans pick up on a very big clue about where they are at that point in their relationship. It’s in the scene, and it’s a visual clue. [Spoiler alert: Someone’s ring finger is bare!]

TVLINE | Are you going to revisit the William/Sandra storyline any time soon?
I cannot tell you anything about that.

TVLINE | What was Emily Bett Rickards’ reaction to the paralysis storyline when she learned about it?
She was intrigued, and she was totally game. She was excited because it’s a new challenge, obviously, to be dealing with this kind of permanent disability. I think most actors get excited about any sort of real “left turn” like that, and she was no exception.

How are Felicity and Oliver dealing with this new situation now that she’s going to be in a wheelchair?
Oliver is going to be taking the stand of being very optimistic and hopeful — not in the sense that he wants to find a way for her to walk again. He’s optimistic that her power lies in her brain. She can still do everything that she wants to do. This is not the end of anything, it’s more of a new beginning. In future episodes, we’re really going to be seeing Felicity try to maintain that level of optimism, but she’s the one living with it and experiencing it in a direct way. We’re going to be taking her on a little bit of a dark journey of her own as she tries to grapple with the reality of this new situation. It’s a huge game-changer, obviously, for her. How is it going to affect her life and role on the team? Not really her relationship with Oliver, that doesn’t come into question, but certainly how she perceives her future and her role on the team is definitely coming into question.

Is this permanent?
You’ll have to watch to find out.

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