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Angel from Hell - Pilot - Review: "Charming and Heartfelt"

I thoroughly enjoyed CBS's new comedy. Jane Lynch is always a delight, even as a wise-cracking angel such as Amy. And I was most looking forward to Maggie Lawson in something new, since I adored her in Psych. This pilot delivered. It was funny, had some emotional moments, and ultimately made me excited for more.

Right off the bat, we know what we're in for. "Hey, I never said my show was rated G, people!" Nice going, Amy. I laughed a lot at that. But the best scenes, I thought, were the cute scenes that really made you feel for these characters already. When Amy ran into Allison on the street, she dropped a lot of truth bombs on her. Some were really hilarious, granted, but some hit me where I live. Like about her mother's passing, and how Allison won't admit it, but she was her best friend. And since then, she buried herself in work, and buried herself in a damaging relationship. Speaking of that relationship, when Allison and Amy went out for weekday margaritas, Amy decided to tell Allison that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Ouch! Allison didn't want to believe it, and they covered it up well for the time being. That was, until Allison's party at their house for moving in together. While Allison ran off to get more beer delivered, she found Jill's four-leaf clover charm on the couch in Evan's office. Whoops. The party was cancelled after this. Poor Allison, I really felt so bad for her. Her brother Brad and father were supportive and offered her comfort, which was lovely. And maybe the best scene of the episode came last. Allison gets visited by Amy once more. Amy brings her a smore, and they both talk over each other while explaining the last time she had a smore. That was cute. Amy tries to reassure her once more that she is her guardian angel, someone who will lead her down the right paths, nudge her to take more risks, and conclusively: have fun. At the end of the day, Allison isn't sure she believes she's a guardian angel, but she could use a weird friend. Who couldn't? Finally, we get her looking at the slideshow Evan and Jill made for her. Of course a Band of Horses song has to play us out. They often played in the sad Psych episodes, and this particular song played during a Criminal Minds episode. It was really sweet to watch this scene, and it also hurt. But the great moment? Her finding a picture of herself as a child and seeing Amy in the background of one of her photos. Could this be the proof she needs to believe Amy? Or will she blame it on photoshop? I hope to find out.

There were several other things I adored about this pilot. The wardrobe choices all around - every single outfit Allison wore was gorgeous. Those dresses were fantastic and Maggie looked great. Amy's outfits were frumpy too, but they worked for her character. And with both of these characters came real chemistry. I loved the two of them together. It looks like they really did become friends thanks to this show, and I only hope they continue to have these bonding moments and comical scenes of realizations. Another thing I really liked about Allison's character is that she's a dermatologist. I haven't run into too many of those on TV, so it should be interesting what they do with her occupation. Her dad's sunburn was a pretty funny scene to watch.

What did YOU think of Angel From Hell's pilot? Who are your favourite characters so far? Any hilarious lines you want to reminisce about? What are some of your hopes for the future of this show? Whatever you thought, please be sure to leave a comment down below!

About the Author - Laura Markus
Laura Markus is a Media Studies student from Canada, infatuated with several TV shows, some of which include: House, Psych, Chuck, White Collar, Dexter, Arrested Development, Boy Meets World, Scrubs, Criminal Minds, and probably 70 others. She also enjoys music from all genres, but her favourite band is Muse. She is a huge Potterhead, and loves books by John Green. She is currently reviewing Limitless and Angel From Hell for the 2015-2016 season. Feel free to connect with her on any of these social media sites.
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