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Unforgettable - Dollars and Scents - Review

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Ever since Elliot left Major Crimes I have been waiting for the new boss to show up and mix things up a little. In this week’s episode entitled, Dollars and Scents that finally happened. We met the new Captain who seems to have history with Al. What exactly happened between those two, we don’t know yet but it appears that they are not the biggest fans of each other. I’m sure at some point in the near future we’ll learn what went down between them but in the meantime we’ll have to get used to a new boss whom wants to play by the rules. That in itself might be a problem for Carrie as we all know that’s not exactly how she goes about solving cases. It’s too early to say but I think I’m going to enjoy watching the new captain force Carrie and Al to secretly bend the rules. At least I hope I will!

A major part of this episode was witnessing Carrie yet again go undercover to solve the murder of two men. The case itself was just okay. It wasn’t too crazy or complex and it almost seemed like an afterthought. The main focus appeared to be on Carrie trying to get closer to their prime suspect, a rich and good looking man. I can’t say that was interesting to me, as I’m more invested in trying to figure out what is going on between Carrie and Al. Of course, their relationship is no more telling or developed from last week’s episode. I do have to say that with Carrie’s involvement with the suspect they were investigating, that leads me to believe that she’s still playing the field.

I do really enjoy this show but I’ve been waiting for them to develop the characters more and give us a little bit more then what they are. It’s like we are going in circles, with some of the storylines. We’ve seen carrie go undercover a lot and she always solves her case but I’m wondering when something is going to happen that affects the next episode and help create a deeper level to the storyline. The show seems so focused on being light and funny they’re forgetting why the fans tuned in in the first place. I know someone mentioned to me that they would like to see Carrie’s sister’s murder be solved and I would too for that matter. Hopefully next week’s episode dives deeper into the characters and gives us what I’ve been yearning for. Whether that comes with a somber episode or with light and funny episode, I think it’s time we were given more then a weekly case that they solve. It’s time for some real substance. What did you think of this episode? Did it leave you wanting more character development or are you loving the airy episodes?

About the Author - Alexandra
Alexandra (Ali) is an avid TV, film, and music fan from Canada. She attended film school and was a camera operator for a local sports show. Growing up she watched shows like Due South, Pretender, X-files, Early Edition, and Frasier. Her favourite shows are Bates Motel, The Mentalist, and The Closer. Alexandra will be reviewing Proof, The Whisperers, Unforgettable and Masters of Sex.

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