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The Royals - Is Not This Something More Than Fantasy? - Review

It should come as no surprise that Ophelia was the one behind the door. So predictable, so boring. Maybe it might be because I’m not a fan of Ophelia, but the story arc with her and Liam has been dragged out. We get it Ophelia, you don’t think you belong in the palace. The only one who does not get this is Liam. Ophelia cannot be wooed by all the glitz and glam that the royal life offers, because she’s seen the other side of it. The dark side that crushes your integrity and turns you into someone you are not. Liam returns to Ophelia’s apartment after her harsh words, to convince her one last time to take him back. I thought for sure that Ophelia would agree and they would try a long distance relationship, with her eventually returning to England. Much to my surprise and in a very unpredictable moment it turns out that Ophelia has been living with Nick (the guy who had a crush on her last season) this whole time. Finally Liam opens his eyes and sees that Ophelia is really done with him. It’s heartbreaking to watch, because Liam has nothing left to hold onto. It will be interesting to see how he grows from this. I do however think these two aren’t officially over, so for now Liam will just have to have some fun.

Moving on from my Ophelia rant…we finally get a proper introduction to Queen Helena’s new rival, the Deputy Prime Minister. I for one am here for this ongoing power struggle between the two. Both are hungry for power and have no issue using their words to hurt one another. Somebody needs to give Queen Helena a run for her money or should I say crown…and the Prime Minister seems like the perfect fit. Queen Helena’s number one mistake was going to Cyrus and asking, “If he could replace the Prime Minister.” Why would she think Cyrus would help her, when she is trying to pass a bill to ensure that his daughter does not become the next Queen of England?

Over in Cyrus land it seems that his cancer has worsened. I guess wearing that cursed ring didn’t help his chances? His doctor is adamant that in order for Cyrus to survive he must remove his right testicle. Although Cyrus is not happy with this, he really has no choice. The doctor also suggests that Cyrus “Feed off of positivity of those around him.” This means the people of England. The issue with this is the people of England hate Cyrus as king. In the end though Cyrus decides that he doesn’t care what the people of England think and he can do whatever he wants because he is the King of England. I have to admit love or hate him Cyrus really does bring a lighthearted fun energy to the show.

Speaking of lighthearted fun, Beck wakes up to find Eleanor literally waking and baking. I guess he wasn’t as convincing as he thought he was from the night before? He surprises Eleanor with a secluded trip to the country in hopes of getting her sober. Knowing Eleanor this only means that their romantic vacation will somehow end in disaster. In true Eleanor style she waits until Beck falls asleep and sneaks off to a club opening. Once there she has an epiphany that her relationship with Beck is never going to work. They are two completely different people. In order for her to be herself she needs “noise” around her and he likes the “quiet” life. These two end things, meaning that Jasper will somehow be able to worm his way back in. As Eleanor says, “Timing is everything.”

Side notes:
-How great is the music on this show?
-Did you not think that the domino group was kidnapping Liam?
-Turns out it was his annoying group of friends kidnapping him to have a good time.
-Eleanor’s new friend Mandy was awesome hope to see more of her.
-The new maid Violet is also #TeamCyrus, but I don’t trust her.
-Notably missing from the episode was Jasper.

What did you think of this episode of The Royals? Comment below!

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