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The Originals - Savior - Review

So much happened in the last episode of 2015. Rebekah returned, attacked everyone under the influence of a curse and was then daggered again by Elijah. Freya was poisoned by the Strix and lost the necklace that contains Finn. Vincent became regent of the witches and Tristan threatened him with the possibility of Finn possessing him again. Cami and Klaus talked a depressed Will out of committing suicide. The family had a happy (happier than usual) Christmas party where Klaus kissed Cami. The episode ends with Klaus waking up to find her dead beside him. 

Favorite character: Oh Rebekah. Why are my favorite characters always the ones that either die after a few episodes or the ones that are never around. I’m glad the writers have not yet given up on Claire returning. Any other character they would’ve killed off. But Rebekah is once again daggered indefinitely until Claire is available for another reappearance. Oh, how I wish she’d just stay. It turns out that the episodes she’s in, usually turn out to be my favorites. She’s had so much bad luck lately, I would’ve been much happier had that last scene not happened. It was great seeing her interact with everyone. And evil Rebekah was a lot of fun to watch. Claire did a great job this week, let’s hope we see her again soon. 

Called it! There has been a lot of build-up for Cami and Klaus both this week and last week. After the scene in Will’s house, I knew there was going to be a kiss by the end of the episode. What moment could be more perfect than Christmas, with all the pretty, and kind of romantic, decorations. What I did not expect was them to sleep together already. I wonder if that still would’ve happened had the writers chosen to postpone what came next. 

Did not see that one coming: Which of course leads me here, to the jaw dropping moment where Klaus wakes up to find Cami with her throat slit. Holy freaking Christmas cake! Talk about unexpected. Last week I predicted that there would be a death, but I was thinking more along the lines of Tristan, Aurora or Aya. But definitely not Cami. In the post-episode interview the writers seemed to hint at three possible outcomes. Either Cami is dead and remains that way, Cami becomes a vampire or Klaus saves her in time and she’s perfectly fine expect for the obvious trauma. I don’t think the last one is going to happen. It would kind of defeat the purpose of the entire scene, wouldn’t it? Besides, who know how long she’s been lying there like that. I’ve seen enough television to know that when someone gets their throat slit, they bleed out pretty quickly. I do think the option of Cami being dead is possible, especially if the writers are planning an all-out war with the Strix. And Elijah did seem to be wearing something that could count as funeral attire, but then again, Elijah always dresses fancy so that could be for an entirely different reason; it could be his Friday-suit. And someone on the site pointed out that if Cami was dead, Leah would be doing interviews right about now. Which leaves us with vampire Cami. They have been hinting at Cami’s darker side lately, which could have been foreshadowing. I guess we’ll find out in January. What I also hope we’ll find out is how the hell Klaus didn’t hear Aurora. He’s supposed to have super hearing, right? And super smell as well, so how didn’t he smell the blood next to him? I do feel really bad for Klaus. He was so happy, and he was on his best behavior this week. I guess it’s going to be back to raging in the next episode. 
Most heartbreaking moment: Okay, a lot of you might disagree with me on this one but since I already talked about that other heartbreaking moment, it is now Elijah and Rebekah’s turn. I love their interactions, few as they may have been, somehow they always make me emotional. And this one took the cake. Like Freya, Eljiah would’ve kept looking for a ways to fix Rebekah. But she was afraid she’d hurt the people she cares about so asked Elijah to dagger her. By doing so, he fulfilled the family part of the prophecy. Great acting performances by both Daniel and Claire here. Actual tears came to my eyes. 

Favorite relationship: We very rarely see Elijah bonding with his other siblings. We’ve seen Klaus’ relationship with all of his siblings (and even Rebekah has bonded with both Kol and Freya) but Elijah seems to share most of his family related scenes with Klaus. Which why I was happy to see Elijah interact more with Freya. Maybe the prophecy was the reason why he’d been holding back from her, but now the “one by family” part has been fulfilled, I hope we’ll see them interact more. Hell, even Finn was touched by Elijah’s concern for Freya. 

Character that surprised me: I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this but … I actually liked Jackson this week. He finally came around and saw things from Hayley’s perspective, he saved Freya’s life and was pretty helpful during the chaos at the Mikaelson’s. The fact that I liked him this week made me wonder if this was going to be the episode where he would be killed off. It wouldn’t be the first time that I start liking a character after weeks of hating them only for die. 

Best quotes: Rebekah: “Tell me I didn’t miss Christmas.” 
Elijah: “I’m afraid we have a far more urgent problem.” Rebekah: “Well to be fair, I am the prettiest urgent problem you have ever seen.” 
Klaus: “You will remember today as your darkest day. Tomorrow will be better, the day after better still. You will go on.” 
Rebekah: “Well that was annoying.” 
Rebekah: “My wish already came through. We have this moment.” 
Questions: Since we are facing a hiatus, I figured I’d pose some questions that will hopefully be answered soon. 
- Where are all the werewolves? Jackson was by himself in the Bayou. Are there any left after what happened in the premiere? 
- What will happen to Cami? 
- Who will be the first Original sibling to come back permanently? Rebekah, Kol or maybe even Finn? 
- What are the odds of Aurora making it through the next episode? 1% or 2%? 
- How did Tristan get the necklace without anyone noticing? 
- Where the hell is Davina? 

So that’s it for this week. Check in again in the new year for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

So usually I put messages like this in the comments, but this time I wanted to make sure everyone read it. In January, The Original is moving to Fridays (don’t want to think about what this means for renewal chances) which means it may not be possible for me to keep posting my reviews on Saturday. I live in Europe so I don’t get the episodes until the next day so posting that same day may be a bit short notice. I’m also taking on a second show in the new year, Shadowhunters. So the first weeks might be a bit rough, especially since both shows premiere in the middle of my exams. And since I don’t know my schedule for next semester yet (luckily I do know it won’t be that heavy) I can’t plan when I’ll write what yet. But I’ll try my best to stick to this schedule and if you guys want more info, just message me on social media. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys!
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