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The Big Bang Theory - The Opening Night Excitation - Review


The episode begins with the men trying to purchase tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They luckily succeed. Sheldon must choose between going to see Star Wars on opening day and Amy's birthday, who shares the same day as the opening night of it. He gets advice from a ghost "Professor Proton" during his sleep. He lets him know that he has limited time to be with Amy, which he surprisingly (considering his selfish personality) takes his advice. While the guys go see Star Wars without him, he comes up with the idea to get physical with Amy as his birthday gift to her. Despite that he looked forward going to see Star Wars on the first night it came out, I loved that he had a huge heart to celebrate with her on the day of her birthday, which only comes once a year.

This Star Wars-themed episode is not only the best episode of the season by far (Shamy being back together was DEFINITELY ONE OF THE REASONS), but also could be a contender of one of my favorite episodes ever. In fact, this is the best episode of TBBT since "The Scavenger Vortex" back in Season 7. I enjoyed the cameos from Wil Wheaton (as himself sitting with the guys to see Star Wars). The references of "Mean Girls" from Sheldon and Bernadette finally getting the "Sheldon knock ritual" entertained me.