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Supergirl - Episode 1.07 - Post Mortem's on the Big Reveal

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Thanks to Ivan for the heads up.

Now that Alex knows, how does J’onn feel about the truth being out there? Will he embrace who he is to help Kara and Alex?

We’ll see in upcoming episodes. It’s certainly not an easy thing for him to reveal. Only one other person knows the truth, and that’s Superman. It’s a big thing for him to suddenly have somebody else know his true identity. He’s saying in future episodes that even people that he’s loved have tried to kill him once they find out he’s an alien. That’s one of the things they touch upon in the comics. Even people who get very close to him almost feel betrayed when they find out that he’s not who he says he is. He runs the risk of falling foul of people if he does tell the truth.

I don’t think he’s comfortable with people knowing who he is, I don’t think he’s comfortable with Alex knowing who he is, but because he made her father a promise, he had to reveal himself. He’s very protective of both Kara and Alex. He will do anything to protect them, which is why, as Hank Henshaw, he was so against her becoming a superhero. He basically wants to keep her safe. It’s a dangerous profession, being a superhero. People do want to take you on or kill you. Now I understand why he was so against her becoming Supergirl, because she was putting herself in a lot of danger, and he doesn’t want that.

FAMILY MATTERS | As Alex and Kara come to grips with the idea that J’onn isn’t actually Hank Henshaw, they will develop a relationship with Harewood’s character that the actor says will be quite enjoyable for viewers. “Having lost his own children, [Jonn’s] got a lot of pain and melancholy, which is fantastic to play. These two girls represent something that’s very close to him,” he reveals.
Adds Chyler Leigh: “Up until [Episode 7], there’s the question of who Hank is and how much he knows about our past and our family. There’s tons of mistrust, a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. But [J’onn] looks at Alex almost as if she’s one of his children. There’s so many wonderful moments between the two of them when he says, ‘You’re very much like my daughter.'”

"I was told about two weeks into the job," Harewood says. "I knew something was changing, but I wasn't absolutely sure what it was. The pilot was quite uncomfortable because a lot of what Hank said was exposition, so I was really pleased, because Martian Manhunter is such a huge character. It took me in a whole new, different direction. It was brilliant for me, because as much as I could, I couldn't really find an angle to play Hank Henshaw that was interesting before that. People are going to get to see a version of Martian Manhunter that they've never seen before. There's some pretty emotional stuff to come."

But when the showrunners sat down with Harewood to tell him about his character's backstory, the sight of what John Jones looked like gave him pause. "Andrew gave me this model of a green Martian, and at first, I was a bit horrified," Harewood says. "I thought, 'I'm going to be playing Shrek for the next seven years.' I was anxious because I could see hours of prosthetic makeup and that was simply not something I wanted to do. But then I started reading it, and I was blown away."

Executive producer Ali Adler teases that John's abilities will blow Kara's out of the water. "He's got such tremendous powers," Adler says. "We really want to show off what he can do, and we're definitely going to do that in upcoming episodes."

"There's a lot of fun to be had," Harewood adds. "He's a shape-shifter so he can be whoever he wants to be. So you'll find me being other members of the cast at some various points of the story."

Supergirl’s costume designer, Kiersten Ronning, spoke to us and a roundtable of journalists on a recent set visit about what it was like to create J’onzz’s outfit for the small screen. “[We wanted to make sure] the color palette complimented Supergirl,” said Ronning. “The way it’s built, it moves well. It’s not heavy. Having two superheroes in capes can be difficult, so we built his more off the shoulders, where hers kind of comes over, trying to keep it masculine.” Then, before leaving, Ronning did state, “there is a red X.”

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