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Shameless - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing (Season Premiere) - Advance Preview

It was good to see the Gallaghers back in a very enjoyable, funny and emotional episode. We are now on Season 6, what a milestone, 61 episodes (and counting).

So, the episode opens with a drunk Frank passed out in front of Bianca’s tombstone as the trailer has indicated. Frank is going to be seeking enlightenment this season, if the premiere is any indication. This makes for some really funny scenarios and some quite thought provoking moments which Shameless does well. There’s quite a interesting scene with Frank at a church, the exchange between the eyes of Jesus and him is powerful, he’s contemplating life but is he also being judged?

Keep your eye balls peeled for a slightly spiritual if not supernatural occurrence in which William H. Macy continues to shine.

Carl has made a lot of friends as a result of being stuck in a Juvenile Detention Centre, so much so, that his followers chant out his name as he's released. Carl’s new attitude, amongst other things, has the Gallaghers confused and maybe slightly worried, well at least Fiona for sure. Fiona and Sean, for those interested, go on a date.

Debbie is adamant on having her baby. However she’s not letting everyone know this. Emma Kenney continues being hilariously funny, relatable and heartbreakingly genuine as a struggling teen in this harsh world.

We meet Yanis, played by Will Sasso, he has a big personality and isn’t so easily bent over by the neighborhood “lesbians”, whom are trying to take the “ghetto” out of the ghetto. He can be quite rude and offensive but entertaining to some extent.

One of the funniest scenes in the episode features Fiona, her boss, an employee and the Diner, in a good old, Shameless way.

If Lip was ever lost about what he should do when he graduates, this episode solidifies that he should do one thing and Jeremy Allen White delivers this with a really genuine performance, he seemed so natural in this role the writers have naturally given/written to him.

Another wonderfully hilarious scene to look out for features the always awesome Svetlana, in the Alibi. Isidora Goreshter continues to be perfect with her sarcastic wit which has made her a real standout on Shameless.

As you all the know and the promos have indicated, Ian visits Mickey in Jail along with Yevgeny and Svetlana, not out of his own free will though. Mickey does question this, and Ian’s reply results in another incredible emotional response from Noel Fisher, who seriously is under recognized for his talent. He has the power to break you with a single glance.

The last moment between Ian and Mickey is just heartbreaking, Mickey asks Ian something and damn, Noel Fisher just breaks your heart watching him talk to Ian, truly if looks could kill, this was one of them. Noel outdoes himself again. I will say this, the scene is perceptive but is also a layered one, in my opinion. When you all have a chance to watch the premiere in January, let me how you felt after seeing that scene. It does feature the always heartwarming smiles of Ian & Mickey, though few. Cameron Monaghan continues to be excellent in his portrayal of someone having Bipolar Disorder, he makes you believe he has this and because of that, because of the honesty in his performance - so effortlessly - you just wish he didn't, so that everyone could be happy (This isn't to say that someone with Bipolar can't be happy, it's perceptive to everyone involved - Update). But this isn't a happy story, it's real life and that means, it's going to hit you when you don't expect/want it to.

We also meet Chris Brochu’s character in a crazy out of context manner. What happens next is going to be super awkward. We do see more of Sasha Alexander's Helene in the episode, who's just wonderful, a testament to the actor, whom in my opinion has a real likable nature about her. I look forward to learning more about her character and family, which we do touch upon in this season premiere episode.

The final moments of the episode had me laughing hysterically at Frank. I have never seen a sequence like that before, I have no words, it was crazy funny.

Dialogue Teasers:

“Use the downstairs toilet if your so f****** desperate.”

“Your the one sleeping with a married woman.”

“I’m happy, can’t I be happy?”

“It’s your daughters choice.”

“Guess our reputation as a shit hole is still safe.”

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Leave your comments below, I'll try to answer them as best I can. Watch Shameless, Sundays at 9 on Showtime Premiering January 10 2016.

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