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MOVIES: Batman V Superman - Rumor - 4Chan User Leaks Plot Points

A 4 Chan user got to 'apparently' see a 3 hour a cut with incomplete VFX.

Below is a summary of the spoilers.

As always, take with a grain of salt.

- Scooty McNairy is playing Will Magnus
- Jenna Malone is playing Carrie Kelley
- Wonder Woman chops off Doomsdays arm, it regrows to look like his comic book look.
- Luthor uses Project Black Zero to create a "Black Zero" Superman that triggers something called the "Doomsday protocol" in Zod.
- Luthor gets arrested after the trinity stops Doomsday, and he's found chained up with a Batman brand on his back.
- Wonder Woman is there because of something to do with Darkseid
- Batman and Superman don't become friends due to Doomsday. During their fight in the first half of the movie Batman has a heart attack. - - Superman takes Bruce home and they become friends.
- To get people to stay during the credits, it features cameos of the superheroes working together. Aquaman + Wonder Woman, Batman + Cyborg, Superman + Flash
- Lex Luthor is over the top until he gets arrested. Then he becomes brooding and sinister.
- Doomsday is forced into the Phantom Zone which is opened by Batman. Superman forces him in after a distraction from Wonder Woman.
- Batman has recurring nightmares
- Lex gets cancer after working with kryptonian technology and shaves his head.
- Alfred references Dick Grayson and Jason Todd
- Wonder Woman references the New Gods

Source: 4Chan

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