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Iron Fist - Casting 2 Roles + Rough Filming Date Revealed + Auditioning Caucasian And Asian-American Actors

Working Title: KICK
Netflix Series

Producers: TBD
Director: TBD
Writers: TBD
Casting Director: Laray Mayfield & Julie Schubert
Casting Assistant: Alexis Allen
Shoot Dates: April 2016 - October 2016
Location: New York

[DYLAN KENDALL] 25 - 28 yrs old, handsome and sophisticated, independent and a loner. SERIES REGULAR

[HARRY MARSHALL] 45 - 50 yrs old. Caucasian, highly intelligent, merciless, confident and arrogant, physically active. SERIES REGULAR


Iron Fist, the protagonist of Netflix’s fourth and final Marvel Comics series, is a martial arts warrior imbued with a mystical power known as the Iron First, which allows him to channel his chi to superhuman levels, giving him healing, telepathy and super-punching abilities. His alter ego is Daniel Rand, a native New Yorker raised in K’un-L’un, an alternate-dimension city where he attained those martial arts and supernatural skills.

In the comics, Daniel is portrayed as a blond Caucasian, but over the past year and a half, a grassroots movement has been growing online to urge Marvel and Netflix to cast an Asian-American actor as the titular superhero. (The idea first caught fire in March 2014 with a post by The Nerds of Color’s Keith Chow, who has continued to champion the cause on the genre blog and its Twitter feed.)

Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that the clamor actually reached the ears of Marvel and Netflix, who met with Asian-American actors in consideration for the lead, but that the series, which finally revealed its showrunner on Monday (former Dexter executive producer Scott Buck), is now leaning toward keeping Iron Fist white. Marvel declined to comment on that detail.