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Haven - Series finale post-mortem

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Turning A New Paige

As the series’ final moments show, Audrey hasn’t truly left Haven. Nathan (Lucas Bryant) runs into a woman having car trouble who looks surprisingly like Parker—except she’s a young teacher named Paige who has a young son, James—who Stanton confirms is indeed the formerly deceased James Cogan (AKA the Colorado Kid).

“It felt like a way to demonstrate how special Audrey was relative to Nathan and how special their bond was, but still be true to the rules and mythology we set up,” says McGuinness of why Audrey chose to come back as someone else and not her original self. “We allowed that ‘couple of the ages’ be together, but we put a little spin on it that protects the easy thing of letting them walk off into the sunset and not having to deal with all the challenges that they dealt with. They have to pay a little bit of a price, but that makes their connection that much more powerful.”

Daisies for Duke

In a moment of freedom from Croatoan’s control, Duke (Eric Balfour) chose to die rather than let him have access to all the troubles he contained. “It was the most powerful way to end his character’s arc," Stanton says. "[Duke] was always the loner. He was always the pirate, the one who wanted his own destiny. We liked the idea that he was able to sacrifice so much for his friends and for this town that in the beginning seasons he pretended not to care about. We felt like we were almost cheating his character out of an awesome ending if we didn’t end up actually killing him.”


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