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Galavant – Season Two Advanced Preview: "Even better than last season”

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Galavant returns irreverent, rambunctious, and even more self-aware, promising a “new season” full of laughs and surprises. Season two focuses on reuniting Galavant and Isabella and the shenanigans that follow for both parties and their allies. And nothing seems to be easy for these characters as plenty of curveballs are already being lobbed their way.

The season premiere picks up right where we left off with Galavant and King Richard traveling to restore the latter to his throne, while Madalena gets comfy in her role as quintessential evil queen and Isabella faces the dread of an awkward arranged marriage. The opening number for this new season is extremely self-referential and depreciating, pure bait for the promos. However, that doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable, catchy, and funny. The music is on point once again this season, a prime example being a duet from afar between Galavant and Isabella that is simultaneously full of sweetness and amusing one liners. The combination of witty lyrics and wonderful music is always the highlight of Galavant.

What the audience has to look forward to in this premiere is Galavant and King Richard stumbling into an awkward situation in an unconventional Enchanted Forest with guest stars abound. Richard and Galavant’s dilemma do overshadow Isabella’s struggles, as well as Gareth and Madalena’s conflict over the former’s role in their new kingdom but that doesn’t make the jumps to scenes of Sid, Chef, and the rest any less entertaining.

The writing in this season highlights tropes revolving around fantasy shows more than ever. Chef in particular gets a few good lines in. At one point I literally laughed out loud for a full minute at the delivery of one of his lines. The cast as always appears to really be digging in to their roles and is having as much fun with the goofy nature of the show as the audience does.

What Galavant does best is both celebrate and poke tremendous fun at everything we love about fantasy and fairy tales. This second season is starting off in great form and captivated me right off the bat, even more than the last season did. If the rest of Galavant’s surprising second season is anything like its premiere, we are in for a real treat.

Tune in Sunday, January 3rd at 7pm CST for all the musical mayhem!

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