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CSI: Cyber - iWitness - Review

This week's episode of CSI: Cyber got pretty serious as the team tackled an issue that has become all too prevalent on college campuses in recent years, sexual assault. The case saw the team trying to piece together the murder of a hacker hired by someone to strong-arm a sexual assault victim who posted information about her attack on an anonymous confession website. The crew eventually learns that the hacker was killed by the athletic director of a prestigious university. He killed her after she turned the tables on him and threatened to reveal his role in covering up the rape, which was perpetrated by three members of the college's rowing team.

I have to applaud this show for taking on such a serious issue and not screwing it up. In fact, this was probably one of the best episodes of the series thus far. The writers did a great job presenting all the problems related to the Title IX system, including the fact that universities often encourage victims not to report assaults in an effort to preserve their school's image. However, one thing I did take issue with is the fact that the show seemed to make out like the assault victim's troubles were over just because Avery planned to stand by her in the end. In real life, the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education is inundated with so many Title IX complaints that cases often go unheard in court. If the show presented a more realistic outcome for the victim, I believe it would have done more in helping the audience realize how unjust and problematic the Title IX system is.

I appreciated that this episode featured the return of Grace, the friend of Avery's deceased daughter. In a previous review, I complained that Grace's presence on the show seemed to come out of nowhere and that her role in her first episode was a bit pointless. However, it was nice to see her actually being given something to do, as she provided Avery with information that helped the team find the rapists. Mason, the Cyber crew's legal counsel, was also made a welcome return in this installment. It was interesting to see him working with Avery to file a Title IX suit rather than acting as a thorn in her side like during his last appearance. Here's hoping we see more of these characters as the season continues.
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