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Blood & Oil - Rats, Bugs, and Moles - Review: “Hap Briggs Revenge Syndrome”

We were left with some pretty big questions a few weeks ago when we last saw the drama-filled oil rigs of North Dakota. Gary had just woken up in the hospital and Annie Briggs had come into town looking for revenge on Hap with the help of Billy and Emma.

Blood & Oil picked up right where we left off, with Gary waking up in the hospital and he was conscious long enough to say Billy’s name. The Sheriff comes to question Billy and he doesn't do a great job defending his innocence. Cody suspects he’s still lying to her about his involvement and she asks him again what’s going on. I actually thought that he was finally going to come clean but instead he kept lying, only admitting his new business arrangement with Hap’s ex-wife when really pushed. Gary’s awakening doesn't only cause problems for Cody and Billy, now Wick and Billy are even more worried about being found out. Billy actually goes to the hospital and almost turns off the machines that are keeping Gary alive. However, before he could actually push the off button, the Sheriff walked in and basically accused him of almost killing Gary in the woods. Billy continued to deny any involvement and managed to come off as a total serial killer at the same time. He’s clearly going to get himself into some serious trouble if he doesn't tone it down soon.

It turns out that Cody had a nurse on the inside and she went on the hunt for some of her own answers from Gary. At the hospital she told him about losing the baby and he told her everything about Billy and Wick running him off the cliff and how they left him for dead. So now she knows that Billy is a lying liar who lies! I couldn’t wait for this confrontation! Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long and…HE JUST KEPT LYING!!! This is either terrible writing or Billy really isn't who I thought he is. Later when they went back to the hospital they found out from the Sheriff that Gary had died and I can’t help but think that maybe Cody had something to do with it. He didn’t seem verge of death when she spoke to him so it’s kind of convenient…I know she’s mad at Billy but it seems like she might still do anything to protect him, plus that would make for an interesting twist for the plot and a storyline that already seems stale. I don’t want to believe that Cody is capable of murder but it could be good for the story because it would be so unexpected. Cody ends up leaving Billy, at least for a little while, by the end of the episode because she doesn't trust him and rightly so.

The Sheriff was all over the place in this episode. When he wasn’t questioning Billy about Gary, he was tipping Hap off about a mole/informant in Hap’s executive ranks. Why is the Sheriff friends with Hap? Doesn't he know that he’s a garbage person? Anyways, after hearing this, Hap brings all his high-ranking employees to his house and won’t let them leave until he figures out who the informant is. Wick makes a big show of questioning Hap’s methods and for a second I was worried he’d get caught but Wick is smart and he ditched the bug he was wearing in a plant and avoids getting caught.

Meanwhile, Jules was rethinking her life choices and comes to the conclusion that she trusted the wrong man, and she’s right, she should have trusted Wick because he’s actually a decent guy. Jules and Wick have started talking again and he brings her into the Fed’s investigation. He asks her to replace Hap’s phone with a bugged replica. At first I wasn’t sure if Wick could trust her but she pulled through and I’m loving how everyone is really coming together to take down Hap. I am still worried about Lacey though, she seems like kind of a wild card. I know she loves Wick and always looks out for him, but she also clearly cares about Hap and Briggs Oil. I was worried about what she would do with the information from AJ that Wick could be the mole. At the party she approached him and straight up told him that if Hap lost the company and Wick was involved, “you’d lose him for good and you’d lose me too”. So she’s clearly picked a side and it’s not the one that I wanted. I’m not surprised but I am pretty disappointed - I loved their sibling relationship. She believed Wick’s denial but it caused her to question AJ, so it’s really a lose-lose for some of my favorite relationships on this show.

Carla ends up being arrested by the Feds after they catch her and Myron discussing how they stole the report and their plan to frame Lacey. I really don’t get why she would try to frame Lacey instead of Wick, he’s way more believable. As terrible as Carla is, it was nice to see this side of her character. She finally showed some bite and some of the personality we’ve been expecting from her. Carla actually suggested to Hap that they throw one of his kids under the bus and he threatened to divorce her…at least there’s that, at least there are some lines he won’t cross.

Jules wants Wick back and she seems genuinely emotional when she tells him that she still loves him. Despite everything that has happened between them I still sort of ship it, which is why I was devastated when Wick turned around and was nothing but cruel to her and threw it in her face that he basically played her into bugging Hap. I was kind of caught off guard with how emotional I got over Jules confessing her love for Wick. I was really worried about her because she seemed unusually upset, and my suspicions were confirmed when she eyed a bottle of pills and was found unconscious by Cody in the closing moments of the episode. India de Beaufort really had a great performance in this episode and I’m looking forward to seeing where her story goes from here.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Jules will be okay? Are you upset about Cody and Billy’s relationship problems? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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