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Ash vs. Evil Dead - The Host - Review: "Way to Use a Boomstick!"

This week’s episode kicked the possession story into high gear. This demon, was pretty smart. He set Ash up to die in a failed exorcism then came pretty close to taking Pablo out with the most bizarre bong I’ve ever heard of.

Ash is now conscious, tied to a post and gagged. I loved Ash offering his two cents (which I totally understood) to the discussion about his fate. I have to admit that if someone was discussing cutting a lump out of my brain I would NOT keep silent, especially if removing said lump had such dire side effects.

Pable is in full freak out mode. Possessed Kelly has a plan to calm him down. Weed. Pablo points out that it makes him paranoid. Since Pablo hasn’t smoked yet, he’s only a little concerned when Kelly decides to use Ash’s Boomstick as a bong. Demon Kelly pulls out every seductive trick it knows to get Pablo to suck on the Boomstick. Pablo is so smitten with Kelly that he doesn’t realize anything is amiss until Demon Kelly gets too impatient to be subtle.

The Brujo’s exorcism isn’t going very well. Not unexpected given Ash is not possessed. It’s about to turn physical when Ash finally manages to get the gag out of his mouth and warn The Brujo that Pablo is in danger. When they arrive to rescue Pablo, he’s got the gun and Demon Kelly is on the run. Yay Pablo!

Pablo also steps up to save Kelly when the exorcism seems doomed for failure. He offers himself up as a willing host in an effort to coax the demon out of Kelly. The demon takes Pablo up on his offer, but Ash and The Brujo aren’t willing to let that happen without a fight. Ash pulls out the tenet he came up with in his vision last week. “Shoot first. Think never.” Hey, It’s Ash. It works.

Unfortunately The Brujo doesn’t survive the fight. Pablo gives his uncle a warrior’s burial on a pyre. The Brujo passes his mantle down to Pablo. I’m wondering if this will give Pablo some power to add to the fight.

One of my favorite moments of the episode is when Pablo gives Ash his new hand! Ash happily gives Pablo the finger. I can’t wait to see this in action.

Ruby and Amanda are still traveling to the story. I am really disappointed. I was looking forward to Ruby’s arrival in the story and she (and Amanda) have been relegated to barely 2 minutes of the episode.

I just realized... Ash’s former hand was giving us the finger, too, only this one was pointing the way for Ruby and Amanda to find Ash. It would be really nice if the Deadite Hand is able to speed up Ruby’s car as well. I really want these two aspects of the story to join already.

I thought this episode was much better than last week’s episode. Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo did a great job. What did you think about the episode? What were your favorite parts? Favorite lines?

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