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Agents of SHIELD - Episode 3.10 - Maveth (Winter Finale) - Promo + Interviews *Updated*

Post Mortem Interviews from Episode 3.09

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you joined the show, did you always know Rosalind’s fate?
CONSTANCE ZIMMER: No, not at all. We did know that we had a rough estimate of how many episodes I was going to do, because I’m on another show, [Lifetime’s UnREAL]. But we never knew if I was going to die, or if I was going to write a Dear John letter. I had no idea. Please, I didn’t even know if I was good or bad. I didn’t know what was happening. I was just like, “Okay, I’m just here to be mysterious, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

What was it like filming her death? Was there a little part of you that was sad to say goodbye to this character?
A little part? It was absolutely devastating. Clark and I, those are real tears. It was devastating. It was super sad, especially because the date is so sweet, and then it just turns into a bloody death. It’s horrifying. It’s like your worst nightmare.

How do you think Price felt in learning that she’d been working for Hydra?
Incredibly guilty, because I believe that she thought, “Oh, sh–, have I now given them information that Coulson gave to me secretly, and not knowing that they were bad, I might’ve given them something that weakens S.H.I.E.L.D.” I think there was a lot of guilt in that realization. “Oh no, what have I done?” Which is why it’s such a bummer, because I feel like from here on out, they could’ve formed such a great team against them. Ultimately, it’s still good because it gave Coulson the strength he needed to take down Ward.

Where is the action going to pick up in the next episode with Coulson on the alien planet with Ward and Hydra?

The next episode, "Maveth," the planet is going to host a lot of what goes on in the hour. This terrifying creature called "it" is on this planet who has now been joined by Ward. It's safe to say that we'll find out a lot more about both of them and it will be more than Coulson and Fitz ever imagined.

What are you most excited for fans to see in the midseason finale next week?

This new vein of Coulson unleashed, the return of a guy named Agent who is out for revenge and doesn't care too much about anything that doesn't help him achieve the settling of that score.

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