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Van Helsing - Season 1 - Synopsis

Season one of the show will follow Van Helsing as she leads the Resistance across the Wasteland, in the former America, in search of the hole in the sky in Colorado.

First, they will have to find the scientist Klaus, who is the key to the mission, as it’s his device and knowhow which can harness the sun’s power.

With Klaus, they will head to Colorado and hope the rumors are true, that the sun is as strong as a vampire’s bite. They will come across human fortresses and vampire strongholds- some friendly, most not. They will help those humans when they can, and they will kill whatever gets in their way. It will be violent and vicious, but Van Helsing is a warrior who is up to the task.

What they will learn is that time is not on their side, as Balthazar thirsts for Van’s blood. If he can slay the great vampire hunter no one in the land can possibly doubt his power. Balthazar will not be stopped by Dominic and will seize control of his domain if that’s what it takes. But Dominic’s massive human population feeds an impressive army, which is always prepared for a fight and happens to be directly in Van’s path to Colorado. Dominic is obsessed with Van for entirely different reasons, if she is the crown jewel of the human race she belongs in his collection of the finest humans left on Earth. His ego and lifestyle might make him na├»ve to Balthazar’s cunning ways, but Dominic has more resources than any other Superior leader and not even Balthazar can defeat Dominic’s army.

Luther has been hiding in the darkness for three years. When all seems lost for our heroes, he will emerge. In Van Helsing he sees a new possibility for his vision of coexistence. But the war has already escalated and a whole lot of fighting must happen first. Vanessa Helsing will lead the team to Colorado, they will be the first people to see the uninterrupted pure sun, the original source of life on Earth. The victory was brutal and costly, but now their real task can begin – rebuilding and planning an offensive to take back their land. Unfortunately, not all is as it seems, and not everyone on the team should have been trusted.

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