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The Walking Dead - Always Accountable - Advance Preview

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   The Walking Dead will be back this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX in the UK with an all new episode, titled "Always Accountable".
   Last week episode, set in Alexandria focused on the Alexandrians' reaction to the wolves attack. It felt like season 1 or 2 all over, with people realizing the terrible and dangerous world they have to live in now. It was probably the worst episode of season 6, it doesn’t mean it was a bad episode, it was a rather good one but this season is such an epic ride, last week left a bit low.

   This week with "Always Accountable",things will be way more exciting. We will be back outside out of the walls and we will finally learn where Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are and what they're up too since Rick left them in charge of the herd.
   I have missed Daryl since the start of the season, and if you have missed him too, well you’ll love this episode. Daryl will feature prominently in "Always Accountable". As always, he’s one the best character on the show. The episode will demonstrate how much Daryl has changed since the first season. Being a part of Rick's group, and an important member of it, affected and changed him. He has people who he cares about and who care about him, he’s less the solitary wolf he first was and it will be shown in "Always Accountable".  And of course, he still has his badass attitude with the crossbow and everything. (Damn, I have missed that crossbow !)
   And here are some teasers about "Always Accountable" :

- In the episode, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha will try to get back to Alexandria but they will face new threats that will complicate their plan. Their little group will get separated after a confrontation. Do you think it’ll be with ? Wolves ? Walkers ? New people ?
- The opening of the episode is really intense, we really don’t wanna miss the first minutes.
- A new settings will be introduced. There are so many things outside of Alexandria. This place is all burnt but there is a reason why.
- There will be next disgusting walkers : burnt, some to the ground. Eww… They’re not better than the underground one from last week IMO.
- A new group of survivors will be introduced. And as in "Here”s Not Here" the eternal question of whether it’s safe to help them and trust them or not will be asked.
- Someone will faint. Exhaustion, dehydration and disappointment can do that.
- Sasha will make a great speech to another character. Sonequa Martin-Green is really amazing, she will particularly shine in "Always Accountable". I’m starting to like Sasha again.
- Daryl’s last name, Dixon, will be written somewhere.
- One of the main character will have new clothes to wear  ! And they look great.
- A very cool and useful weapon will be found but not used... yet. Can’t wait to see it in action.
- Rick will be mentioned several time in the episode.
- Abraham and Sasha will talk about their (anger) issues and why he decided to come with her in the car. They're really good together.
- Someone will scream very loud at a walker. Of course, the walker won’t care but it may help the character to let it all out.
- Some characters will discover a new place : a greenhouse. And there will be something special and unexpected about that place.
- Love and hate, and the things the characters will do for this feelings will be one of the main theme of "Always Accountable".
- This week cliffhanger will make you so thrilled for next week's episode !

   As this season is definitely the best yet and there will be a lot of Daryl in the episode, "Always Accountable" will definitely be another exciting, captivating and intense episode of The Walking Dead. It's time to see Daryl back and you won’t be disappointed by his parts. Norman Reedus is always excellent at portraying Daryl. We will discover a new side of Daryl in  "Always Accountable", and Sasha and Abraham parts will also be quite interesting and surprising.

  Are you excited about "Always Accountable" ? Are you thrilled to see Daryl back ? Don’t miss the next Walking Dead, this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK ! Hit the comments !

    And finally the quote game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes ! (Some characters can have multiples quotes)

1- "Maybe I’m stupid too"
2- "The table is set for the rest of our lives"
3- "You’re smarter than that"
4- "Good luck, you’re gonna need it"
5- "What the hell we’re doing here"
6- "Help"
7- "Nobody’s safe anymore"
8- "Tell me why"
9- "Drop the gun"
10- "Cause loose ends make my ass itch"

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