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The Mindy Project - Later, Baby - Review

Mindy, Jody and Morgan:
The promos for this week's episode seems like that Peter was going to spend time with Mindy. Instead, she sends him away to Jeremy. In this week's episode, Mindy and Morgan find out her fertilization clinic is struggling financially. Jody offers to help, but she rejects him due to her differences with him. When she accidentally oversleeps after taking care of Leo (when Ma interrupted her project) and misses her lecture on "Later, Baby" to a college, she is mad that Jody is giving the speech out. It turns out that he slept with three college women and had sex with them, which causes most students to leave. In an attempt for everyone to stay, Morgan entertains everyone with his onstage flips. Mindy comes out and apologizes for Jody's behavior. Surprisingly, she stands up for him despite his inappropriate comments. Later on, she decides that for the clinic that he will get 40% of the profits. Although it may not be the last time that he irritates her, they will make great partners for the clinic. 10% will go to Morgan, which causes his mood to improve even better.

Jeremy vs. Peter and Tamra vs. Colette:
Meanwhile, Peter is back in town and Jeremy is happy to see him. They agree to hang out until he commits poor social skills to invite Tamra and Colette due to their differences. The reason the ladies are having conflict is that Colette hates Tamra's lack of humor. However, she hates her pranking especially the fake snake that was left on her chair. Later on, Jeremy gets mad at Peter for not being a good friend in the past. This causes him to leave. In fact, their feud causes the ladies to bond on what they have in common and it seems they have patched up their differences. However, it comes at a cost because they hate Peter now for being a jerk to Jeremy!! In the end of this story, he apologizes to Jeremy and they reconcile their friendship.

She gets a text from Danny, which Mindy is happy to see. She admits that she misses him and it results in him calling her to see how she's doing.

My Thoughts:
Another solid episode despite that I wish there was more scenes with Peter and Mindy. Also, I had hoped that he told Morgan that he was back, too. The MVP was Jody because of his past about him having sex with three college women and the fact that he can tolerate Mindy. While the past three episodes (the past two are still great, but "Road Trip" was disappointing) have not lived up to the perfect quality of the first 5 episodes this season, I still am enjoying season 4 so far. Don't forget to watch new episodes of The Mindy Project on Tuesdays only on Hulu.