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The Last Kingdom - Episode 8 - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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As this show is an adaptation of a very well-known series of books, and of course incorporates real life historical events too, this preview for the episode covers more information than I would normally include. Therefore if you aren’t familiar with the material, or haven’t read the press releases already issued, then please be aware that this will contain spoilers.

So here we are, the last episode of the season is upon us, and it’s a glorious one to end on too. With Uhtred and Alfred finally seeing eye to eye and united in their determination to run the Danes out of Wessex there’s one hell of a battle coming up. But before then there’s still a few ends to tie up; gathering the forces together takes some time of course, and there’s also some heartache on the cards before we even reach Egbert’s Stone, never mind the turmoil that occurs once the two great armies meet.

With a battle strategy in place, Alfred and Uhtred leave the safe haven of Athelney in the marshes and head back into the heartland of Wessex. With Danes looting at will across the countryside they make use of little known tracks to avoid the main roads and footpaths, their aim being to get to Odda’s estate as he commands the largest army in the kingdom. However, their slow going means that the party will need to camp overnight before reaching Odda, so they head for Uhtred’s farmstead first, knowing that it will provide cover.

Unfortunately, the Vikings have already ransacked Uhtred’s old home, slaughtering its remaining residents before they left. Gut wrenching for our hero to witness, as he doesn’t know that Mildrith is safe at Odda’s - although she did have one tragic task before leaving. With the place already plundered of all its treasures, it does mean that there’s no real danger for the group as they hide away for the night and Alfred finalises his plans. He is certain that Odda will be faithful, but there are many others that need convincing to join him yet, and so with some wise words from Beocca, he turns to his form of ‘magic’, as Guthrum calls it, and sends out letters to all the Ealdorman and other lords of the realm.

I don’t want to spoil too much about what happens in the later part of the episode, for those that have read the books or know the history the Battle of Edington and its aftermath, it runs more or less as expected. Though, there will perhaps be a surprise or two thrown in the mix along the way too. There are a number of character defining moments still to come even this late in the day, some of which you will probably not be expecting if you haven’t read the books as yet. One or two of them may even make you cheer, I know I did, there’s also some unlikely banter between Beocca and Alfred that made me giggle too...yes, really. All I will say as a teaser is that someone gets what they deserve, while others don’t, and one person does the opposite of what’s expected. Plus Alfred delivers a rip roaring battle speech and Uhtred of Bebbanburg kicks some Danish arse!

The fight for survival and identity that these characters have is something that I have become very fond of over the last couple of months, and I sincerely hope that this isn’t going to be the last we see of them. There’s so much more to their story, and this last instalment opens up other plotlines that can be explored too. The viewing figures are holding very steady on BBC Two with the seven day figures holding around 2.5 million, and it’s getting a healthy 7% of the viewers in the overnights. This puts it around half a million under what The Fall was pulling in last year in the same slot, but that’s not a huge difference when you realise the star pulling power and three year audience growth that the latter show had in its favour. If The Last Kingdom can maintain its figures for the remainder of the season, and Carnival Films/BBC Worldwide can continue to sell it abroad, I’m hopeful that it will be renewed.

Episode 8 airs on Saturday November 28 on BBC America at 10pm, and on BBC Two on Thursday 10th December at 9pm. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. There is no poll after the episode but please do come back to this post and let us know what you thought. I am eager to discuss the episode with you all.

“May your mother forgive me, and may you be forgiven for your treason”

“Though he may be afflicted by pain, he’s as strong a man you will find. He’s also as cleverer man you will find”

“Their God is with them”

“She has buried your son with care, and she has left this place. It is no longer home for her anymore”

“Did your mother tell you that she should have kept her legs closed!”

“I now have to make a choice. Whether to side with Guthrum, or with Skorpa. One Dane looks much like the other to me”

“I hear you Skorpa, do you wish to surrender?” “I have a gift for you”

“Who else, but king Aethelgod, can walk into Alfred’s camp and be welcomed as a friend”

“I’m as good a horseman as anyone here. If it means more Danes will die, then I will do it”

“Tell them that you’ll die for them. That’s good. Tell them that we’ll make the Dane’s pay in blood and that they’ll be rewarded in plunder”

“Uhtred, she lives, and is being held in the north. It is the truth. Skorpa told me”

“In a few months there will be more ships, more men. Now is the time to

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