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The Last Kingdom - Episode 5 - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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I apologise that the preview this week is fairly brief and has less detail than usual, I am very short on time online due to personal reasons and there are also quite a few restrictions in place this week due to the episode being a particularly important one in the overall scheme of things. I can say that this is easily my favourite of the season so far, and not one you'll want to miss!

A predominant part of the episode this week concentrates on a famous battle between the Danes and the Saxons. Although the fighting itself is fairly brief, it is the camaraderie, politics, preparation and fallout that are the more intriguing aspect of the narrative. As someone who has an interest in the past it’s satisfying to note that much of the historical information as we understand it has been weaved into the drama rather than glossed over too. I have grabbed a copy of the first novel now and am quite a way through already, I like the way that Cornwell works history and fiction together so seamlessly. If you are a fan of the show then I highly recommend getting the novels too, they seem to fill in a lot of background on the characters that the change in medium to TV would have found difficult to cover.

Uhtred being the only hostage to escape slaughter last week - in either camp apparently – surprises just about everyone, from his servants, his friend Leofric and King Alfred. But, of course, the person who is the most upset by the news is Odda the Younger, whose swift plan of action to gain all he desires from his rival is ruined once Uhtred rides into camp putting the fear of god into the lad. The antagonism between the two men continues to build this week, with one of them decidedly coming out on top by the time the credits roll. That’s not to say that their story is over however, I can see them clashing heads more than ever from here on in as the series enters the second half of the season.

Leofric and Uhtred’s bromance continues to grow deeper, despite their sometimes split loyalties it’s obvious that they understand and respect each other in a way that few other characters do. One line from the hardened Saxon warrior in the battle will no doubt have fans of the pair cheering as loudly as the men on the battlefield itself. It certainly brought a big grin to my face and further cemented their friendship, and the actors, as my favourite on the show. It’s impossible to fault anyone’s performance this week, this really is a mid-season finale of sorts and everyone is on their game – the show is covering the first two novels in the series, so this naturally is the end of the first and the beginning of the second we are seeing unfold this week.

Episode 5 airs on Saturday November 7 on BBC America at 10pm, and on BBC Two on Thursday 19th November at 9pm. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. There is no poll after the episode but please do come back to this post and let us know what you thought. I am eager to discuss the episode with you all.

“There’s no justice here, only the church”

“We are split. You both shall ride towards the Severn River to face Ubba, I shall ride south to face Guthrum”

“I’d like Uhtred to be baptised. In Winchester. Father Beocca could perform the ceremony”

“Would it not be better to escape this hill? We could return to Winchester without the loss of a man”

“You will go directly to the courtyard and you will wait for me to pass judgement”

“They are gathering and they are watching. They have the high ground, but I do not want to wait”

“He was taken as a child by the Danes and he survived. You would do well to follow him”

“You’re a turd. A ballbag.” “Is that the best you can do?” “Nipple?”

“Do not say yes. Not yet. Think. I’ll do the same. But why should Odda be rewarded and not us!”

“I have rested my head on the bosoms of beautiful, but bad, bad women Lord! Forgive me!”

“Your wife remains my God-daughter. You should be thanking my son not threatening him”

“My house is not your house. My land is not your land. Treat me as fool again and I’ll kill you”

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