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The Flash / Arrow - Crossover Interviews *Updated*

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Thanks to arrowshieldfan for the heads up.

1. It’s much funnier than you’d expect
While there’s a huge threat facing the heroes and a lot of groundwork is done to set up “Legends of Tomorrow,” expect to find yourself giggling quite a bit across the two shows. The two teams work well together and the jokes fly at a frantic pace, helping keep things fun at their most bleak.

3. Cisco’s in the spotlight
He may not have a fancy costume, but Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gets all kinds of screen time in the crossover. With the emergence of Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), there’s plenty of time given to Cisco and his feelings over the girl he’s been dating and her destiny.

Thanks to ODA for the heads up.

Added DC Comics’ Geoff Johns, “The Hawks and Vandal Savage kind of deserve a two-hour introduction – they’re big characters.”

Yes, this crossover will bring Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Vandal Savage into the mix. While Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee) has made a few appearances on The Flash, the crossover will see her true transformation into Hawkgirl, while also introducing Carter Hall/Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) and the immortal villain Savage (Casper Crump), before all three characters move over to the new spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow, beginning in January.

When it came to using the crossover to establish these major elements of Legends of Tomorrow, Berlanti noted, “The studio and the network were asking us from the very beginning of the year which characters from Legends are going to be in the two-hour, and were encouraging us. We wanted to have some, a couple, but not all in it, so it also felt right that we would use the characters that we hadn’t introduced on the individual series yet, with the exception of Rip Hunter, who we saved for the pilot of Legends.” Kreisberg couldn’t resist throwing in, “And he’s awesome!” about Hunter, who will be played by Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill.

“Once Legends is born in January, there’s really no intersection on the other shows,” Berlanti says. “Legends is its own wacky, crazy kind of thing that allows for some fun surprises, in terms of who may visit and how because they’re flying through the timeline, but not on Arrow or Flash.”

As goes the story in the comics, Kendra is unaware of her past lives dating back to the pharaohs of old. Both Carter and Kendra, also known as Khufu and Shayera, are destined to be drawn together only to be killed, reincarnated and forced to walk the earth until they can find one another again. While the duo take center stage, it’s Cisco (Carlos Valdes) who really steps into the spotlight as Vandal’s plans to kill Kendra puts a damper on their new relationship.

“Hawkman comes and joins the team in this collaborative effort to get her to remember who she is and unearth this hidden legacy — this hidden person — inside her,” says Valdes. “Cisco struggles the most because he’s found something special in Kendra. In order for her to fully fulfill her destiny, she has to leave that. There’s going to be a lot of conflict coming up in terms of how Cisco manages his relationship and also manages to allow Kendra to fulfill her destiny and chase after what she wants and needs. There’s a lot of conflict there.”

3. The shared universe gets complicated

On screen, the heroes all feel like genuine friends occupying the same world, but coordinating their various visits to each others’ series is more work than appearances might suggest.

“We had already started to shoot the first couple of episodes of ‘Legends’ before we shot these [crossover] episodes, and we also knew there were characters who had been on ‘Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ who we were also shooting out of those respective shows before we went into ‘Legends,’ to then have to come back and shoot some of the introductions of some of the characters here,” explained Berlanti. “It was about as out-of-order as you can imagine, and most of it happening concurrently.”

Thanks to Lilah for the heads up.

The flip side proves true when Part 2 arrives on Wednesday, relocating the action from Star City to Central City, resulting in what executive producer Greg Berlanti describes as a two-hour movie versus standalone episodes.

The crossover will also uncork “probably the biggest emotional story we’ve ever done on Arrow,” Berlanti teases. (Whether it has to do with the latest reappearance by Oliver’s soon-to-be-named ex-girlfriend, played by Defiance‘s Anna Hopkins, Berlanti was mum, saying only that there is a moment “very akin” to last year’s crossover, where Oliver bumped into his old flame at Jitters, still unaware that she gave birth to and has been raising his child since their forced years-ago split.)

Whatever the nature of the aforementioned “emotional” twist, coming out of this week’s crossover event and heading unto the Dec. 9 midseason finale, Berlanti warns of a new test for Oliver and Felicity.

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