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The Royals - Welcome is Fashion and Ceremony - Review

The beginning of the episode picks up with Jasper and Liam staking out Cyrus. According to Jasper, it’s not actually Cyrus, but a body double. Liam having enough of Cyrus’s shenanigans finally confronts him on where he was the night of King Simon’s murder. In a shocking revelation it turns out that Cyrus has testicular cancer. He was getting treatment for it the night of the murder and this is why he looked so awful in the safe room.

Beck tells Eleanor, “That ever since Monaco he could not stop thinking about her.” He has officially left his wife for her. This makes Eleanor breathe a sigh of relief and we see her try to lead a “normal” life. Well if you consider normal partying on a yacht…but at least her and Liam are finally out of the palace.

On the yacht, it is very evident that Jasper is raging with jealously. He attempts at finding something wrong with Beck, but even Liam tells him, “He’s a good guy who has always looked out for Len.” The last time Beck and Eleanor were together, she stayed sober for him. This time she gives into her guilty pleasures and gets high at the yacht party. This is concerning for Jasper as he sees this as no one looking out for her. Little does he know that Beck later on convinces Eleanor to lay off the alcohol and drugs. It will be interesting to see how Jasper wins Eleanor back!

Even though Eleanor isn’t completely sober, she convinces her brother to not spend all of his time focusing on their father’s death. He needs to enjoy life. She makes a fair point by telling him, “That just because we are royal does not mean that that we will find out who the killer is.” Her words get through to Liam and towards the end of the episode he is seen enjoying himself. In a cliffhanger moment, we see Liam open his door and say “Hi.” The question that will be burning on everyone’s minds till next week is, who is on the other side of the door?

It seems that Queen Helena’s plan to become the reigning queen of England has come to a halt. Unfortunately for her the prime minister is dead. The new prime minister doesn’t seem to have a soft spot for the queen. She declines her invitation to see her. This is not a good sign for Queen Helena getting her bill passed. She does however seem to be genuinely morning Simon. Guess her master scheme of attempting to be reigning queen, isn’t as fun as she thought it would be?

Side Notes:
-How weird was it when Cyrus locked Holloway into the cage?
-Another weird moment was when Helena and Rachel had to remove her underwear off of the dead prime ministers body.
-Lucius is back and now he’s #TeamCyrus.
-It seems that the graffiti on Eleanor’s wall is a metaphor for her father.

Who do you think is on the other side of the door? Do you think Eleanor is genuinely happy with Beck? What did you think of this week’s episode of The Royals? Comment below! Make sure to come back next week for my weekly review!


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